Saturday , January 23 2021

How serious is Neymar's injury … 706228 | Kaler kanto

Brazilian Superstar Neymar again hit again. Before the World Cup, before breaking the “Metricals of the legs” before the World Cup, they left the field a long time ago. On Tuesday evening, he suffered a similar injury to Cameroon. Leave the ground In the absence of the largest star Lara Brazil won the match 1-0, primarily with Richardson. But how serious is Neymar's injury?

The Brazilian captain left the field in the 7th minute of the match to break the groin. The 26-year-old forward must not leave the field for a long time, according to goalkeeper Rodrigo Llasma. However, he said that initially this is not serious, but he needs scans to understand the level of injury.

Lashmar said: “Neymar was embarrassed by his right groin. He had to leave the field. After observing, her treatment began in the locker room. It will take a little more time to make an MRI even better to examine the situation. But this does not seem to be a serious injury. It is very important to wait 24 hours to understand the situation. ”

Neymar Club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) will face Liverpool in the decisive match of the Champions League group stage next Wednesday. It is unclear whether Neymar will play in this match.

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