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How is Subby on the team? I don't know anyone

Bisibikarta player-selector-captain. Previously, such water was not due to the participation of the player in cricket. Whoever conspired to save or be excluded from the screen. One of the problems is obvious: no one wants to take responsibility, that is, in the Sabbier bribery information team. It is foolish also to find out who did it. Experts believe that this should be taken by the Sabbier team, and if he can afford such an opportunity, he will survive, otherwise he will not be seen in the list of players of the national team.

Sabbir Rahman received a ban on six months in September last year due to bad behavior. Which expires on the last day of February. But, to everyone’s surprise, the ban was reduced to the Sabbir team in Bangladesh. In this decision, the main selector, Minhazul Abedin, stated that in Sabbir’s appeal to Captain Mashraf, however, Mashrafe rejected the lawsuit, saying that he expressed his opinion only on Sabbir, nothing more. None of the council could clearly say on this issue.

From this side, BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon went to Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong to watch the BPL match on Monday. Sabbier problem also occurs there. But the president of BCB did not say anything concrete about this. Papon said he does not interfere in the election of the party. As a result, how does Sabbier enter the team? After the formation of the team, it can be transferred to the President of the Board for final approval. There he learned about Sabbier. “When the list comes to me after everyone’s signature, I ask about the punishment for his punishment. When the punishment finishes Told me that the punishment ended in January. Maybe wrong said. One may be reducing the sentence reduces the penalty. I didn't ask anything else.

But in order to explain the inclusion of Sabbier's team in the team, he pushed the captain and coach to his father: “Sabbier is that he may have asked the captain-coach. Since then, the World Cup has been conceived. They said that if he succeeds (in the New Zealand series), then there will be a chance at the World Championships. ”

The head of BCB also threw big problems to Sabbiru, saying: "I think it would be better if he took more time, coming back more and more." Now for him a lot more risk. A small fake can end his career. This is definitely the last chance for him. If he does not come back to life, he will not be able to play again. ”

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