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First session of the eleventh parliament on Wednesday


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The first meeting of the 11th Parliament was held on Wednesday without the participation of eight deputies from BNP and Janororaf. The meeting will begin at 3 pm with Deputy Speaker Lawyer Fazl Rabbi Miya. From now on, the eleventh Jatia Sangsad will begin in five years.

In this context, the speaker said. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury said that the term of office of the 11th Parliament, starting January 30, will expire on January 29, 2024. All members of parliament and the opposition were invited to participate in the meeting.

He also announced that the session will begin with the first deputy chairman. The session will be closed after the election of the speaker and deputy speaker. Then the new speaker will begin the recess session with an oath.

The President will make a statement at the meeting. The discussion will be discussed in Parliament in the future with a suggestion of gratitude for speaking. Like the 10th parliament, the government and opposition parties will play a responsible role in this parliament, and he hopes that parliament will be alive.

According to the rules, at the first meeting of the first session of the new parliament, according to article 74 of the Constitution, the speaker and deputy speaker must be elected. Therefore, the speaker and deputy speaker will be selected first.

Speaker, Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury remains. New faces come to the post of vice-speaker. Vice-speaker, attorney Fazl Rabbi Miya from the current Tenth National Parliament, can be considered as parliamentary advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasin. Earlier, League leader Awami Suranjit Sengupta had previously.

In addition to the election of the speaker and deputy speaker at the first session, nomination for the presidency, resolution of condolences and raising the ordinance (if any), the constitution of the parliamentary committee (if any) in accordance with the constitution or law provided a report (if any) and a speech by the president.

However, there are no questions in accordance with practice. Five rulings will be presented at this session. The president issued these resolutions because there is no parliament meeting. They will be gradually transformed into law.

Presidents and candidates will be appointed after the election of the speaker and deputy speaker. In the absence of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker in Parliament, they will chair the meeting on the basis of seniority. According to tradition, at each session, five elderly people were elected. Of these, a female member was appointed.

According to the Constitution, on the day of the first session of the year, the President delivered a speech, emphasizing the various areas of development activities of the government in parliament. Later, a general discussion was held to thank the president’s speech.

But earlier this time, the former Secretary General of the League, Awami Sayed Ashraful Islam, was killed because of the law of condolence. Then the discussion will be held in his memory. Accepting the offer of condolence, the President said. Abdul Hamid will deliver a speech. Parliament will be postponed only after his speech.

Security has been strengthened in the parliament building before the session. Visitor entry was restored on the first day. Rallies and meetings were banned in the parliament building. The festival is surrounded by Parliament during the session. The Parliament Secretariat was informed that the necessary preparations have been completed.

At the first meeting of the new parliament there will be five hundred guests, including the chief judge, the chief of the three services, advisers to the prime minister, local and foreign diplomats, political leaders, government officials and relatives of high-ranking officials.

At the same time, the list was received from the respective offices, including the presidential office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and invitations were finally sent. In addition to the invitation, on this day, guests cannot enter the parliament, the security department of the parliament reported.

On December 30, the eleventh parliamentary elections were held. The Awami League won 258 seats in this election. The main opposition is the Jatiya party with 22 seats. Party chairman, former president Hussein Mohammed Ershad became the leader of the opposition

The Jatiya party was in the main opposition party with 34 seats in the 10th parliament. Opposition leader Raushan Ershad, senior deputy chairman of the party. If the opposition leader is elected in the new parliament, Hussein Mohammed Ershad will be absent for the first day due to treatment in Singapore.

Deputy Opposition Leader G. M. Kader will head the Jatia Party in Parliament. Deputies from the Jatiya party will play only the opposition party in the 10th parliament, as well as in the government, while the opposition is in the government.

Jatia Moshir Rahman Rangman, general secretary of the party, who has already been appointed the main whip of the opposition, said that the opposition has important responsibilities in parliamentary democracy. We are ready to fulfill this responsibility properly. According to him, the opposition party will fulfill the duties of parliament to protect the interests of the people, criticizing the positive program of cooperation and the negative steps of the government.

After the elections on December 30, January 3, deputies took the oath at four stages of the ceremony of taking the oath in the parliament building. Rapporteur doctor According to the constitution and the rules of procedure, Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury first took the oath and signed the book of oaths.

Then swear an oath to others. Six out of six BNP winners and two men from Janorafort have not yet taken the oath. As a result, the first session of the new parliament meets outside of them.

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