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First of all, Comilla's playoffs – Share Bij

Sports Reporter: The Premier League of Bangladesh (BPL) started this year with an excellent position, the Chittagong Vikings started. By keeping this trend, the team was also at the top of the points table. Mushfik Rakhimra returned to his city a few days before the capital. Supporters of the port city of Mossadegh-Shahjadara will also shoot at the territory. But the last three matches did not prove that Simon Helmet’s students could not prove it. The last of which was seen yesterday at the stadium named after Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury. The hosts could not stand in the first match of the day with Comilla Victorians. In fact, half a century of the team Imrul Kayes Tamim Iqbal and Shahid Afridi and Vahab Riaz got a big victory in bowling. The Victorians confirmed that the first tournament was to be played in the first playoff.
Chittagong Wackings failed to create a minimal call against Victorians Comilla yesterday. Match Comilla won seven wickets in the rain law. 14 balls left yet! After winning the match, the team reached the top of the table before the start of the playoffs.
Since the BPL has reached Chittagong, the flow continues. But in the rainy match yesterday between Komilla and Chittagong something is not visible. The match completely changed the result. Having won the toss, Chittagong Vikas won back full-time and scored 116 points on the scoreboard. The early batsman Mohammad Shahzad 33 and Mossadegh Hossein reached 43, not gaining 43 in the last match. Coming to the answer, 14 balls and 3 wickets in hand, convincingly making sure that Comilla For Tamim Iqbal, 51, 54 On the other hand, Shamsur Rahman scored 36 runs of 22 goals.
Twenty more matches were reduced to 19 yesterday due to rain. In cloudy weather, how tough the batting decision was before the Chittagong Virat Kohli captain Mushfikur Rahim won the shot; This question may arise. But the hosts had no batting start. In pursuit of an incredible 4 over 36, the composition of the enemy Chittagong collapsed in pursuit. At the end, Mosaddek hit three sixes and three fours in a 43-ball serve, noting that the gate had no poker; Chattagong almost completely fought off in this match. Shahid Afridi makes a direct gate, and the batsman plays a cut stamp! F-Bold!
Shahid Afridi took two wickets in 10 frames in 4 frames. In 19 shots, Chittagong could not score 59 runs. On the other hand, seven batsmen could not reach the double-digit home.
Tamim Iqbal started a slow start with a light goal. Tamim Iqbal The opener opened the match with 26 runs of 4.4 shots. After that, Khaled Ahmed was caught behind the Enamula wickets. Tamim, however, played well at the other end. Shamsur Rahman gave him the right wicket to score runs in the second wicket. Finally, their 65-year partnership was broken by Abu Zaid. Shamsur then conceded 36 runs in 22 goals, 3 fours and 2 sixes to victory.
Imrul Kayes is ticking for a long time yesterday. Zaid returned to him too. Tamim was right, but it was Tamik. As a result, he left the field with 51 balls 54. Terer Perera was invincible on 10 runs in 7 balls with 1 six.
Short evaluation
Chittagong Vikings: 19 overs, 116/8 (Shahzad 33, Sadman 0, Yasir 0, Mushfikur 13, Nazibulla 13, Delaware 6, Raja 5, Mosaddek 43 *, Naim 4, Abu Zayed 0 * Abu Haider 3-0-21- 0, Saif 4-0-23-2, Wahab 4-0-23-2, Mehdi 2-0-17-1, Afridi 4-0-10-2, Thesara 2-0-22-0).
Comilla Victorians: Tamim 54 *, Tamim 54 *, Enamul 8, Shamsur 36, Imrul 8, Tesara 10 *, Abu Zaid 4-0-25-2, Naim 4-0-26-0, Khaled 3 4-0-25 -1, Mosaddec 2-0-14-0, Delport 2-0-19-0, King 1-0-8-0).
Result: Comilla Victorians won 7 wickets
Player of the match: Shahid Afridi

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