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Diwali gets more opportunities to become Messi

Argentina announced the team for two friendly matches to be held in October. Paolo Dybala and Lautero Martinez, although not on the team, are also Messi Aguero. Lionel Messi cannot play for Argentina because of a three-month ban, although Juventus striker Paolo Dibalan is considered a young star in his place. What is the responsibility of Messi? Holding the jar, he can be understood again, October 9th and 13. These two dates are in the Argentine national team for two friendlies of dibala Paulo.

Two-time world champions will play against Germany 5th and Ecuador 3rd. Coach Lionel Scaloni announced the composition of 24 people for two matches. Boca Juniors and River Plate will meet the two dominant clubs of Argentina on October 2 in the first match of the Libertadores Cup semi-final. This time, Scaloni did not name any of these two players. As a result, the team has become much more European. And the biggest name of this European Argentinean team is Paolo Divala.

Argentina's largest star, Lionel Messi, was suspended from the national team for three months after Constable's criticism. He was banned from playing international football for three months for calling the Latin football organization “corrupt.” In addition, he was fined $ 5,000. Messi was already banned for one match after showing a red card in this match against Chile. He will not play Argentina's first match in the South America World Cup qualifier in March. He will not be able to play in a friendly match with Chile, Mexico and Germany in September and October due to a three-month ban. And in this case, Diva gets a chance on the original XI instead of Messi. Argentina faced Chile in Los Angeles some time ago. Dybala could not see this aimless match. The same thing happened five days after the match with Mexico. Lautero Martinez saved Argentina because of Diwali in this match. In the next two matches, it will be clear how Diwala is suitable for Messi Argentina.

Who got the call to the Argentine team

Goalkeepers: Juan Mousse (Udinese), Agustin Marchisin (FC Porto), Emiliano Martinez (Arsenal)

Defender: Juan Foote (Tottenham Hotspur), Renzo Saravia (FC Porto), Nicholas Otamendi (Manchester City), German Pezzella (Fiorentina), Nicholas Tagliafico (Ajax), Marcos Rojo (Manchester United Borneoan), Valo ও a Ba ъ মান মান ) Dortmund)

Midfielders: Leandro Paredes (PSG), Guido Rodriguez (Club America), Matias Saracho (Racing), Nicolas Dominguez (Wallace), Rodrigo Di Paul (Udineas), Marcos Akunia (Sporting Lisbon), Roberto Pereira (Watford)), Lucas Ocampos (Sevia) ), Eric Lamela (Tottenham Hotspur)

Forward: Matias Vargas (Espanyol), Nicholas Gonzalez (Stuttgart), Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen), Lautero Martinez (Inter Milan), Paulo DiBala (Juventus)

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