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British prison house is changing

Dhaka: From the moment the prison was established, the inmates of Bangladesh to this day have eaten breakfast on the same menu. In the end, the morning breakfast was allocated to prisoners of this British period. New menu created for prisoners

Delicious food is added to their menu from Sunday (June 16).

Islam Mahbubul from Dhaka Central Prison told Banglanews about prisoners who will receive the same food in the new menu. Two days a week they will receive bhun kichuri, 4 days of vegetables and one day of haloua bread. This menu is valid from Sunday morning.

Sources say that since the inception of the prison in the morning breakfast was a menu. The menu consists of 14.58 grams of molasses and 116.6 grams of flour (equivalent to bread) for a morning breakfast. 87.68 g flour (bread equivalent) with the same amount of molasses.

The Islamic District Mahbubul said that the prisoners expressed joy when they learned about the new menus. In addition to changing the menu of long menus, the Prime Minister appreciates the creation of a new menu based on the prisoners.

On Sunday (June 16), Minister of the Interior Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal will open a new menu in the central prison of Dacca Keranigange.

Bangladesh Time: 01:38, June 16, 019


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