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Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in a separate group

It was already known that Bangladesh and Sri Lanka cannot play directly at the Twenty20 World Cup. The result of this are two teams in the top 8 rankings. The ICC unveiled the Twenty20 World Cup schedule. According to the schedule, the first phase of the game will start from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, then it will be divided into separate groups. As a result, both teams will be able to easily cope with the task. After selection, four teams will be in the Super Twelve (12). Bangladesh was selected in the Bachai, Group B and Sri Lanka Group-A series. Each group consists of four teams.
The first round of the game will begin October 18, 2020, through October 23. Bangladesh will play in Hobart on October 19, 21, 23. After selecting Super TueLove will begin from October 24 to November 8. At this stage there will be two groups. Group 1 will play in Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, the champions of the group from group “A” in the first round and the team that won second place from group “B” in the first round. This means that India and Pakistan have no chance to meet with the group stage at the Twenty20 World Cup. It will be after 2011. Group B will play in India, England, South Africa, Afghanistan, in the first round of the champions of Group B, in the first round the winners of Group A. Sydney will be the first semi-final of the tournament, November 11, 12 Adelaide will be the second semi-final. The final will take place in Melbourne on November 15th. In total 45 matches will be played.

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