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And much more. Kamal Hossain does not choose why

The filing of candidates for the eleven parliamentary elections in Bangladesh ended on Wednesday.
But the united front leader of the BNP opposition alliance doctor. No documents about candidates were submitted on behalf of Kamal Hossein. So he does not choose. But under the leadership of which the National Unity Front was formed, dialogue with the government and the opposition BNP came to the polls, while Kamal Hossein is not in elections. Why this solution? When asked, he said that the main reason for this is age.

In an interview with the BBC Bangla, Kamal Hossain said: “The main reason is that I am now at the top of my age. Even if these elections were held five years ago, I would probably think. But then these elections were not. " But Dr. Kamal Hossain is in politics; Why not election?
Answering this question to the BBC Bangla, Kamal Hossain said he would do everything he could do in political affairs; But he will not choose only because of his age. But there are so many people in Bangladesh — Dr. Kamal Hossain is older than a minister or a politician. In response to this, he said: “I don’t see people like me, maybe one or two such politicians.”
And much more. Kamal said: “No, that was not the case. Long before the announcement of the elections, I said that I would be in politics, but I would not be a candidate for the elections.
But the main goal of politics is to come to power, and its way is elections. In response, she said that she does not make politics to go to the polls.
I wanted democracy in the country, institutional democracy would be more sustainable. I entered politics 55 years ago, I was a minister, I participated in many elections. Successfully in some, some failed. But now I think that, in my experience, those who are engaged in politics for the sake of the country will receive my help, and I will do it. ” He said that from his GhanaFram party he too should have chosen this, but he could convince them of this.

According to him: “It is necessary that we establish that the policy is such that if the age of a person is in order, people can play a full role. Elections are a very risky and difficult task in terms of hard work. Since I am not in the election, I can help everyone else. He said that he told the party that his election time was long past, also publicly. Does he have some other purpose? In response, Kamal Hossain said that there is no question of any other goal. No one can say that someone got something like that in my words.

In another interview with Reuters, a senior lawyer explained the formation of a coalition with Bangladesh’s main opposition nationalist party (BNP) to restore democracy in the country.
And much more. Kamal said: “What has happened in the past five years is unprecedented. At that time there was no government in the country — those who were not elected.

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