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ACC Chairman Regretted

Iqbal Mahmood File image The Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Iqbal Mahmoud, expressed regret over the arrest of an innocent employee of Jute Mill Jahalam in the case of the dismissal of 18.5 million Taka of 18,000 million taka in Sonali Bank, he said. . Tuesday at the head office of ACC In response to a question from journalists, these words were said by the chairman of ACC.

On the first evening of Monday, a report on the case of “Inaccuracy” was published in prison “Jahalam, Saylak Na …”. The first light of this report was brought to the attention of the High Court, which includes Supreme Court Attorney Amit Das Gupta, Justice Minister Najmul Ahsan and Judge Quamrul Quader. As regards the hearings, the court issued a ruling asking why the detention of the self-styled jalal would not be declared illegal. On the same day, the representative of the ACC Chairman, the ACC officer of the claimant, the representative of the Minister of the Interior and the representative of the Minister of Justice told the court to appear before the court on 10 February at 10:00.

ACC Chairman Iqbal Mahmoud said: “When the molars are identified, measures will be taken to free Jahlam.” The ACC chairman said that when Jahalam leaves prison, the case will be considered by another investigation. The reason why this incident occurred, and therefore it will be clarified.

Regarding the High Court’s call, Iqbal Mahmoud said: “The court called us, we will go and we will explain in court.” What the court said will happen.

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