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Abu Zayed, Leeton retained voice

The match is not important for the tournament. But, keeping in mind, preparation for the World Cup is very important. Some of those who needed to play were also. In that Abu Zayed Rahi and Leeton Das spread the light in their very important match. Abu Zayed took five wickets and took his place at the World Cup, which was a bit tough. And Liton Das showed that he is not much smaller than the Sumy government.

Bangladesh won easily on the day they appeared. Before batting, the century of Paul Sterling and William Porterfield had no chance of getting 292 for almost a century, the Irish had no chance. Wadded friendly wickets, with a smaller border on the one hand, and showing a bias from Bangladesh, were rather difficult. They could not. In the first three highest ranks of Bangladesh won the goal with 6 wickets. The remaining 42 goals were still in hand.

For the goal of 293, the duo decided to score 117 runs in the first opportunity. 57-year-old Tamim Iqbal made 57 and broke a pair. Leaton, playing with responsibility for Royce, plays with his eyesight and keeps his eyes full of shots. Works without any noise Aesthetic batting is scattered in the second half of the career.

But McCarthy stumbled upon slow yorkers and scored 76 runs out of 67 goals. The team, however, did not encounter any problems. Shakib Al-Hassan once again dropped to third place and showed its effectiveness in this position. Shakib could do many more runs. But he had to leave 50 out of 51 balls in a back injury. Before the finals, Shakib is not very pleased with the field. This is the only "sad" picture in the "happy" match of Bangladesh. Now it’s disturbing that Shakib’s injury is really serious.

Mushfiqur Rahim returned with the impression of a great opportunity before Shakib left the field. 33 of 33 balls and Mushfik caught 35 in the worst throw. The outer leg of the stump of the foot was caught solely because of the gate behind the gate.

Despite participating in bowling, Mossadegh Hossain was disappointed that Muhammad Mithun had taken the place of batting. He will add negative points to the pitches he puts in the best XI at the World Championships. Mahmudullah, however, did not find it difficult to finish the match with a batting exercise of 35 goals.

The most interesting thing is that in the third match this first ball for the game was received by Sabbir Rahman. In pursuit of a six-shot shot, however, due to the possibility of playing only 10 goals, Sabbier’s dissatisfaction remained.

Earlier, in the Irish serve, Abu Jayed was the hero of the game. The new ball was played in the second match. Abhishek did not have a gate; he rocked fiercely over him. The buzz of Tuskin Ahmed's entry into the team also became for him an additional Hapo. Everything he did on the Sewing Munsian The Irish were hard hit at the start. In the first 6 overs spell, many balls were good, but the gate was too bad to have, even if the free balls were killed.

But in the end it was clear that his flash. In the rubble, the Irish were beaten by witches turned upside down in their minds. Zayed is trapped by dragging Porterfield into a wide ball. Sterling and Kevin O & # 39; Brian in the killer Gary Wilson pulled out five wickets Earlier in the list there was no carrier, which he did not have.

Zaid’s skill can be a source of sadness for Taskin. He has the chance to swing at the World Cup, which makes it very difficult. And yes, Zayed and Leeton’s performance in the last eleven has become difficult. Who goes to the finals Friday Soumya and Mostafiz, the question is no longer small.

Short rating:

Ireland: From 50 to 292/8 (Sterling 130, McCallum 5, Balearna 20, Porterfield 94, Brian 3, Adair 11, Wilson 12, Precrell 4, McCarthy 1 * Abu Zayed 5/58, Rubel 1/41, Saif 2/43, Mosaddek 0/32, Shakib 0/65, Mashrafe 0/47)

Bangladesh: 43, Oram 244/4 (Tamim 57, Leaton 76, Shakib 50, injured as a result of the injury, Mushfikur 35, Makhmudulla 35 *, Mosaddek 14, Sabbir 7 *; Adri 1/5, McCarthy 1/61, Small 0/67, Rankin 2/48, Dokarel 0/57)

Result: Bangladesh won 6 wickets

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