Thursday , October 17 2019
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Abdul Aval Mintu said that the reason is not in the choice

The deputy chairman of the party, Abdul Aval Mintu, said that he had not applied for nominations in the Feney constituency; I had never had a choice. My father chose the brothers in the family. I have never participated in elections before. Now that the situation has been created, there is no playing field at the election level. Party activists and supporters are constantly arrested and harassed. In such a situation, I felt that my time and contribution should be to manage the elections, and not to participate in the elections. Therefore, I decided to take up the great interest of the party, without choosing elections on the eve of the election process of the party. Due to the lack of adequate and experienced people in the management of elections. That is why I consider it important to devote time and work to electoral work, and not to choose it at such important moments of the party.

The media said Wednesday that the party also believes that I am participating in the elections. The news coming to the media about the presentation of my nomination paper is incorrect. About this spreads the corpse.

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