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A total of 3056 applications for the nomination of candidates were submitted: National Elections

Contrary to the electoral code of conduct, many leaders of the Awami League and the BNP yesterday submitted nominations for processions across the country.

Leaders, including ministers and actors, were spotted in the office of returning officers with a huge number of supporters and party people. Some of them even enjoyed government privileges when submitting documents.

The Election Commission deployed 691 executive magistrates across the country to check the violation of the number of votes, but there were no reports of any action against anyone.

EU Secretary Helal Uddin Ahmed said that the applicants had submitted papers on the nomination of candidates against the background of fanfare without an unpleasant incident. "We have no news of a violation of the electoral code of conduct."

Yesterday was the last day for submitting applications. Now the returning officers carefully examined the documents on December 2.

In this election, 3056 documents were submitted about candidates, which is the second largest since the restoration of democracy in 1991. In 1991, at least 3,855 people applied; in June 1996 polls, 3,093; in the 2001 election, 2,563; in 2008 polls, 2,460; and in 2014 – 1107 people.

In the event of an inability to make a swap deal with the allies, the two major political parties allowed their partners to submit as many nominations as they wanted, with the result that a large number of applications were submitted.

At this time, at least 39 documents on the nomination of candidates were submitted.

In Dhaka-17 were the highest 27 applicants, and Magura-2 – the lowest, four.

Although there were reports of violations of the electoral code from all over the country, Dacca was different. The police were noticed so that people could not exceed the specified number in order to enter the RO office in the capital of Shogunichik.

According to the electoral code of conduct, when submitting documents on the nomination of a candidate can not be held march. The Election Commission stated that no more than seven people could accompany graduate students to the office of the RO. They also cannot use public institutions, including EU regulations.

In Sylhet, graduate student A.K. Abdul Momen went to the RO office with many party members. He presented his candidacy with 30 people along with him.

His older brother, Finance Minister AMA Mukhit, went there with a police escort. The police were there when he presented his papers.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid presented his candidacy to the offices of two assistants of returning officers (ARC) in Benibazar and Golapganj, before heading to the RO office in Sylhet. Like Mukhit, he also had a police escort.

In the morning, Nahid went to the ARO office in Beanibazar in a procession of over 100 people. He entered the office of about 20 people, including the officer’s police station in Aboni Shankar Kar Beanibazar.

Aboni said that they were “on protocol service” at the time of the nomination.

A similar picture was in the case when the Nahid motorcade went to Golapganj upazila and to the RO office in Sylhet.

The deputies Mahmoud Samad Chowdhury in Sylhet 3 and Imran Ahmed Sylhet 4 also submitted more people than the EU allows.

Yahiya Chowdhury’s Yatia Party also went to submit applications to Sylhet-2 with more than 100 people.

BNP contenders in Sylhet-1 Inam Ahmed Chowdhury and Handakar Muktadir presented their candidacy to a huge crowd of people in the RO office.

Inam approached the office holding a pack of rice, the BNP selective symbol.

Qazi Arifur Rahman, assistant to the returning officer and officer Nihabazi from Banibazar, said that he could not control a huge number of people.

In Rajshahi, the State Foreign Minister Shahriyar Alam went to the two offices of ARC with several hundred of his supporters and party people. Many of them were on motorcycles.

When he submitted his documents to the ARC office in Charghat, more than 10 people accompanied him, and several hundred were waiting outside the office.

Lawmaker Iyen Uddin filed applications in three offices. And in each of the offices he had several hundred people accompanying him. He used a car that had a sticker on the MP.

When Rajshahi-2 MP Fazl Hossein Badsha and Rajshahi-3 MP Enamul Haq appeared in the RO office, they had hundreds of supporters with them.

Law enforcement officers warned them and did not allow them to take into the office more than five people.

Violation of the code, BNP applicants Mizanur Rahman Minu and Shahid Hassan from Rajshahi-2 went to the RO office, accompanied by a huge number of supporters. Despite the fact that they went there together, they entered the RO office one by one with several supporters.

BNP challenger Shafikul Islam Milon Rajshahi-3 also had hundreds of supporters with him when he submitted the candidacy to Poba Upazila.

The Awami League Prize at Brahmanbaria-3 RAM Obaidul Muktadir Chowdhury entered the RO office at around 11:15 with more than 50 leaders and followers.

The executive judge was there, but no step was taken.

Answering a question, a returning officer, Khayat-Ud-Doulla Khan, accused journalists of the crowd. He said that he could not determine who the journalists were and who was the political activist.

After the filing of Muktadir, RO officials allowed only six supporters of presidential candidate Islam Andolon Bangladesh Saeed Anwar Ahmed Leaton.

At about 12:30 pm presidential candidate Mamunur Rashid was allowed into the office with his seven people.

In Chattogram, a group of young people was spotted in front of the RO office wearing T-shirts, which had a photograph of the Graduate Student Afsarul Amin on the front and the slogan “vote for the boat” on the back.

A huge number of leaders, activists and supporters were with candidates for AL and BNP, but the police did not allow more than seven people to accompany the graduate student to the PO office.

In Narayangandz, MP Alex Shamim Osman went to the RO office in Fatulla in a car in which there was a member of parliament. Several hundred of his followers and party people waited outside the office to greet him.

After exchanging greetings, he presented his candidacy for Narayangan-4 with about 50 participants. When he left the office, his supporters chanted slogans and distributed sweets.

Earlier in the day, his brother and lawmaker JP Selim Osman entered the RO office with about 50 men to submit his nomination.

The BNP challenger, Kazi Moniruzzaman, arrived at the office in which more than 50 of his party men filed a candidacy for Narayangand-1.

S. M. Akram, a BNP graduate student, presented his papers for Naraangandj-5 with more than 30 people.

None of the applicants wanted to talk about a violation of the code of conduct.

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