Wednesday , January 27 2021

31 varnish student sits mostly closing –

This is a class
First students
The exam tests will be conducted from 10:30 to 1 day.
Test completed
Will be

Public Service Minister Mustafizur Rahman Fijar told the ministry that the school and college of Vikarunnis will visit the center on Wednesday on Sunday.

According to the decision, primary and ibtaydoyi closure
There is no MKQ question in the exam.

Initial close
Now 27 million 77 thousand 270
John and Ibtadayat 3 million 17
A total of 853 student quizzes
Gives the number of students this year than a student
2 lakhs 19 thousand 786
More than

A total of seven thousand 410 centers pass this test. Out of 12
The center is outside the country.

This year 3 294
Students with special needs participate in the close of the fifth semester, they have an extra 30 minutes to complete the exam.
Get it.

Since 2009, the initial exams began for students of classes. And this is in iBedite
Testing conducted in 2010 since

The first
Although a two-year separation gives results
Since 2011, the results of the closure of pet pupils have been presented in the classification methods.

Although during this test there are two hours, increasing the testing time by half an hour from 013
It was two and a half hours.

Since last year to prevent leaks
Especially for 64 countries
8 asked questions divided into eight regions
Preliminary and extended education
Government closes

Other times
As soon as the thematic documents were sent in special agreements in 204 centers in remote areas, the Minister of Public Education said:
The zero tolerance policy was adopted. ”

Initial close

November English, November 19 Bangla,
November 20, Bangladesh and world identity,
Mathematical science, November 22, Mathematics, November 25
And religion November 26
And moral education

Ibtadei samadhi

November English, November 19 Bangla,
November 20 Bangladesh and World Identity
And science, November 22, in Arabic,
Mathematics November 25 and Quran November 26
And Tajin, Akid and Fiqh

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