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Will Romano Schmid be temporarily kept by the Austrian Bundesliga?

Only a year and a half, lost to the player, after the former Sturm gem Romano Schmid left the club in the direction of the Red Bull Group, the 19-year-old signed up about a month ago Werder Bremen new working paper. Quickly, however, leaked through it. "The dream of the German Bundesliga"The delay for him is a bit. Bremen sports boss frank Baumann He stressed that he already has, initially I want to defeat the attacker, so that Schmid can put on a high level playing practice again.

Romano Schmid signs contract in Bremen (c) Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen has publicly announced that Romano Schmid will not do this over the next 18 months, as expected in the Netherlands. Search for a potential club from Eredivisie It turned out to be harder than expected. Today in Germany, the transfer window closes at 5 pm and still foreshadows the future of Schmid in the stars. While the team of the regional league of the Hanseatic League – but without 19-year-olds – as SK storm Currently, the club is still looking for a buyer for young Styria in Belek. This is confirmed by the Baumann soben Werder Internet portal. dam officeIf you did not want to return Schmid to Austria, the manager now says: "In fact, we wanted to see him in another league, but Austria is an option, There are requests from some clubs“He also believes that it is quite possible that Schmid will remain in Bremen and will gather playing practice with the U23 team in Regionalliga (the fourth largest level of performance).

Players can Werder even after closing the transfer window in Germany, that is, simply in countries where the transition period has not expired. In Austria, it is only 6 February.

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