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Who danced to win

Pascal Hens – winner of the twelfth relay "Let & Dance s". In the final, he won a victory on Friday night against Ella Endlich and Benjamin Pivko. Here you will learn all about the popular RTL show.

The twelfth season of Let’s Dance will be held on March 15, 2019 with a magnificent opening show Let’s Dance – Who is dancing with whom? It began and ended on June 14 with a grand finale. Here we look back on all the episodes of the season.

Episode 12 (June 14): In the big final, the remaining three couples on Friday again did everything possible to finally capture the dance crown after grueling and nervous training and show weeks. As always, there can be only one winner. and The winner in 2019 is Pascal Hens! The former professional handball player knew not only the jury to convince Jorge González, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi in the final, but also the spectators. Already for his first dance (tango to "Por Una Cabeza" by Carlos Gardel) there were constant ovations and the highest possible score of the jury. Total, so absolutely deserved victory! And for his dance partner, Catherine Leonova, after 2017 with Gil Ofarim and 2018 with Ingolf Luc, by the way, this was the third victory in a row.

Meanwhile, in second place are the singers Ella Finally and Valentine Lusin landed. Still others were actors Benjamin Beer and Isabel Edwardsson.

Dance of the final show at a glance:

  • actor Benjamin Beer and Isabel Edwardsson
    Jury Dance: Cha Cha Cha, "Cake by the Ocean", DNCE.
    Favorite dance: Rumba, "Petty", Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
    Freestyle: "Game of Thrones", Medley (film).
  • singer Ella Finally and Valentin Lusin
    Jury Dance: Quickstep, Lady Tramp, Frank Sinatra.
    Favorite dance: Samba, "Taki Taki", DJ Snake Fest. Selena Gomez.
    Freestyle: Kill Bill, Madely (film).
  • Professional handball player "Pommes" Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova
    Jury Dance: Tango, Por Una Cabeza, Carlos Gardel.
    Favorite dance: salsa, "Valio La Pena", Marc Anthony.
    Freestyle: Madagascar, Medley (film).
  • Discovery of professional dancers: "Sweet Dreams / No Limit".
  • Special dance by professional dancers with “Special Guest”: “Dancing is my life – Dirty Dancing / Flashdance”, Medley.

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Episode 11 (June 7): The semi-finals reached the reserves! In addition to two regular individual dances, the program also included Impro Dance Extreme. In the process, dance couples first learned in a live show what dance style they should dance to what music. Preparation time, including changing clothes? Just three minutes! The best package of the evening is delivered again from the point of view of the jury Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin with. They received 89 out of a possible 90 points. Significantly less points, however, were for Pascal Hens and dance partner Ekaterina LeonovaThe co-chairs for the general victory only knew that they were not very convincing in the semifinals and only reached 72 points. Nazan Aks and Christian Polank got 78 points Benjamin Beer and Isabel Edwardsson 74 points. In the end, however, again the audience was the notorious "Zünglein an der Waage". Thanks to their calls, Pascal and Catherine were allowed to dance in the finals next week. From Nazan and Christian instead.

"Let's Dance"

Why does Ella finally have no chance – and who will win

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Episode 10 (May 31): In the quarterfinals of the popular RTL show, the five remaining stars again tried to impress with their skills, charm and passion. For the first time in the “Let's Dance” story there were “Trio Dances” in the program. Each pair danced in addition to the usual performance of the couple in addition to another professional dance in the top three. In general, we once again congratulate Ella on Valentin Lusin, who was convinced on Friday. A dance couple scored a maximum of 60 jury points. The final rating in the jury ranking went to Evelyn Burdetski with Yevgeny Vinokurov (39 points). And the jungle queen is actually gone. Evelyn Burdeki is out!

Episode 9 (May 24)In the ninth episode, regular dances began with the motto “Magic Moments”, before the two couples had to compete with each other in direct fights. Benjamin Pivko and his dance partner Isabel Edwardsson scored particularly well with 60 out of 60 possible points. Each of them received 30 points from the jury for a solo dance, as well as for performing in a dance match against Pascal Hens and Catherine Leonova. With 57 points behind, Nazan Eks with Christian Polankom and Ella Endlich with Valentin Lusin were behind. On the other hand, Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinato, as well as Evelyn Burdeki and Eugene Vinokurov scored 46 points less. The show finally left Barbara Becker and Massimo Sinato. They went out!

RTL show

"Let's dance": who came out and who won

15 photos

Episode 8 (May 17): The field of candidates is cleared, the struggle for the final is getting closer and closer. In the eighth episode, Ella Finally with Valentin Lusin (37 jury points), Nazan X with Christian Polank (34 jury points) and Barbara Becker with Massimo Sinato (34 jury points) are convinced Evelyn Burdeki landed with Yevgeny Vinokurov in last place ( 19 jury points). The jungle queen and professional not only got the worst result in the first regular dance, but also retired as the first couple at the Discofox Marathon. By contrast, Becker and Sinato were able to win. In the jury rankings, she is the third dance couple, having surpassed the mark of 200 points after eight episodes. Finally, Oliver Pocher and Christina Luft had to go at the end because of the voices of the audience. This is a comedian, but in the end he committed suicide with humor at a dance show. Buretsky with Vinokourov and Becker with Sinato also had to tremble to get ahead. But you can prove yourself again next week. Then again it's time to "Let's dance!".

Episode 7 (May 10): Premiere on Let & # 39; s Dance! Meanwhile, the twelfth season of the popular RTL show was the first time the so-called “jury dance” took place. Celebrity candidates and their dance partners were divided into three teams, each supported by a juror. In addition to the rating for regular dancing, there was an extra score for team dancing. Together, a dance couple can score a maximum of 50 instead of 30 previous jury points. In fact, Ella has finally finished with Valentin Lusin. The singer and professional dancer beat Pascal Hens and Ekaterina Leonova with a maximum score of 49 points. Decisive, but again became the voices of the audience. At the end it was said: Sabrina Mockenhaupt and her dance partner Erich Klann are out!

Solution "Let's Dance"

This is the total score after the final.

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Episode 6 (May 3): You did it again! Singer Ella Endlich and former professional handball player Pascal Hens again received the maximum possible 30 points from the jury. At the evening of "Lovesongs" they convinced the tango or contemporary, thereby continuing to stand out in the overall ranking. Benjamin Pivko and Sabrina Mockenhaupt were not doing so well. With only 12 jury points, they finished in last place, and Oliver Posher did not score much more points with 13 points. In the end, however, actress GZSZ Ulrike Frank had to leave – despite her good 23 points. She and her dance partner Robert Beach are absent due to too few votes! But that's not all, fans are worried about Benjamin Pivko, who injured himself in the dance and went missing in the announcement of the decision.

Episode 5 (April 26)After the dance break on Good Friday, the fifth episode continued with Tango, Charleston and Paso Doble. Particularly interesting was the question of whether so far quite weak candidates, such as Jungle Queen Evelyn Burdeki, singer Kerstin Ott and athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt, can use the time for further improvement. And, at least in the case of Burdeki and Mockenhaupt, this was the case. The jungle queen showed her best performance with 26 points, and the long-distance runner scored 19 points. With Kerstin Ott, however, it becomes clear that this will be no more. The judges once again scored only a scant seven points, and Joachim Llambi made it clear that he had long since written off the singer. “If you sign a contract to participate in“ Let & Dance ”, you really need this,” says Llambi. In Ott, however, this will is not felt, let alone to see. The statement that Ott obviously took with him and burst into tears. She dances neither for points, nor for jury. She dances for her fans, her wife and dance partner Regina Luka. That's all that matters. But did Ott have to leave the show?

Yes, she came out! There were not enough audience votes to make up the final rating in the jury rating. Shivering still had Mockenhaupt, but in the next episode of May 3, she again gets a chance to prove herself. The same applies, of course, to eight other celebrity candidates who are still allowed to dream of the title of "Dancing Star 2019".

These are his farewell words: Oliver Pocher, thanks

These are his farewell words.

Oliver Pocher has now reached his dream thanks to "Let & Dance 39"

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Good Friday, April 19: Friday night without "Let & # 39; s Dance"? Yes there is. On Good Friday, the popular show RTL falls, in many states there is a ban on dancing. For ten candidates, this means they can spend long Easter weekends and another week to prepare for the fifth regular episode. It will be broadcast on April 26, as usual, live from 20.15 hours on RTL.

Episode 4 (April 12)It was in the second episode of the 80s, and then in the fourth live show of the 90s. Eleven celebrity candidates danced under such hits as Blumkhen's “Heart to Heart”, “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia or “Losing My Religion” R.E.M. It was this time during the entry into the top 10. In the 90s it was possible to convince especially a few couples, but most of all designer Barbara Becker with Massimo Sinato. For her tango to hit "Free my religion" by R.E.M. The jury awarded him an almost perfect 29 points. On the other hand, singer Kerstin Ott, jungle queen Evelin Burdeki and athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt had significantly less with 7, 10 and 16 jury points. In the final battle of the guys against the girls, the men won with 8: 5 points. This score was credited to the jury points accordingly. The decision fell, as always, by an audience vote of RTL. Finally flew out Thomas RathFor him, the adventure "Let & # 39; s Dance" is over again.

Episode 3 (April 5)The third live performance was again Ella Endlich, who received the highest score from the jury. However, gaining 28 points, her salsa with professional Valentin Lusin was one point less than in the previous week. Evelyn Burdeki danced in the new individual competition. For the "Queen of the Jungle" and her partner Eugene Vinokurov, Mozi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi scored a total of 15 points. In the jury ranking this also meant the third last place, only Sabrina Mockenhaupt (13 points) and Kerstin Ott (10 points) were even worse. In the end, Barbara Becker, Lukas Rieger and Burdeki had to shake it up. Finally, Lucas Rieger was caught with her dance partner Katya Kalugina. The star of social networks is missing, not next week.

Let & # 39; s Dance on RTL: Kerstin Ott crashes and hurray - the network is outraged

Let's dance on RTL

Kerstin Ott crashes and hurray – the network is outraged

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Episode 2 (March 29): After the start of the tournament, he continued for the remaining 13 celebrity candidates with the "80s Special". The singer Ella Endlich and her dance partner Valentina Lusina were especially convinced. For their contemporaries on Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush had a whopping 29 of 30 possible points from the jury. For comparison: Kerstin Ott and professional dancer Regina Luka had only ten points – and yet they are still with them. Finally, Ulrike Frank, Ozkan Kosaru and Evelyn Burdeki had to get rid of. Ozkan Kosar escaped!

By the way, with more than millions of viewers, the program celebrates winning the rating on Friday!

Episode 1 (March 22): In the first regular episode, it was Ella Final with Valentin Lusin (25 points) and Pascal Hens with Ekaterina Leonova (24 points), who especially convinced the jury. However, Evelyn Burdeki scored fewer points with Evgeny Vinokurov and Sabrina Mockenhaupt with Erich Clann (ten jury points each). Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Oliver Posher and Jan Hartmann were added to the voices of the audience, who had to tremble. Finally flew Jan Hartmann.

RTL show

"Let's dance": these candidates are dancing to the title

16 photos

Points Mode: How were candidates selected?

At first, the jury awarded a rating of up to ten points after each speech. The maximum score for a dance match was 30 points. The jury ratings were then converted into a rating, so a pair of several points scored just one point, and the pair with the most points reached 14. The number depends on the pair of candidates who are still in the race. For example, if only ten pairs are left, you can get a maximum of ten points. According to this principle, the voices of the audience were then transformed. Again, the pair with the least number of challenges scored only one point, and the pair with the highest number of challenges scored the highest possible score. The ratings of the jury and the audience were then summarized, and the couple with the least points had to leave Let & Dance.

What candidates were present in the twelfth relay "Let & # 39; s Dance"?

In total, 14 candidates participated in the “Let's Dance” season. Celebrities at a glance:

  • Barbara Becker, former wife of tennis legend Boris Becker
  • Nazan Ex, Lead and Model
  • Ella Endlich, singer Pop and Schlager
  • Ulrike frank, Actress ("Good times, bad times")
  • Lukas rieger, pop singer
  • Thomas Rath, designer
  • Kerstin Ott, singer
  • Jan Hartmann, actor ("Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten")
  • Sabrina Mockenhaupt, distance runner
  • Benjamin Pivko, (deaf) actor ("Tatort: ​​Tottenstil")
  • Oliver Pocher (comedian)
  • Pascal Hens (former handball professional)
  • Ozkan Kosar (comedian)
  • Evelyn Burdeki (winner of the Jungle Camp 2019)

RTL show

"Let & # 39; s Dance": these are professional dancers of the new season

15 photos

What professional dancers were there in 2019?

In 2019, we were able to communicate with such famous dancers as Erich Klann, Catherine Mensinger, Massimo Sinato and Christian Polank. They all belonged to 14 professionals who wanted to dance with a celebrity candidate in the twelfth season for the title "Dancing Star 2019". Isabel Edwardsson, who gave birth in 2017 and then paused, also celebrated her return. Ohana Nechiti were not included. She changed the RTL format and was on the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Professional dancers at a glance:

  • Marta Arndt (29 years old, from Karlsruhe)
  • Robert Beach (27 years old, from Berlin)
  • Katya Kalugina (25 years old, from Berlin)
  • Erich Klann (31, from Borchen to NRW)
  • Ekaterina Leonova (31, from Cologne)
  • Regina Luka (30 years old, from Karlsruhe)
  • Renata Lucine (31, from Düsseldorf)
  • Valentin Lucine (31, from Dusseldorf)
  • Kathrin Mensinger (30 years old, from Vienna)
  • Christian Polank (40 years old, from Ingolstadt)
  • Massimo Sinato (38 years old, from Mannheim)
  • Evgeny Vinokurov (28 years old, from Frankfurt)
  • Isabel Edwardsson (36 years old, from Hamburg)
  • Christina Luft (28 years old, Frankfurt)

RTL Dance Show

"Let's dance": this is a pair of candidates

15 photos

Who danced with "Let & # 39; s Dance" with whom?

At the opening, it was decided which celebrity will dance with some professional in the coming weeks. The following pairs of candidates were gradually announced:

  • Long distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt dances with Erich Clann
  • Actress Ulrike Frank Dances with Robert Beech
  • Singer Ella finally dances with Valentin Lusin
  • Boris Becker, ex-wife Barbara Becker, dances with Massimo Sinato
  • Presenter Nazan Eckes dancing with Christian Polanco
  • TV star Evelyn Burdetsky dances with Yevgeny Vinokurov
  • Singer Kerstin Ott dances with Regina Luka
  • Comedian Oliver Pocher Dances With Christina Luft
  • Actor Benjamin Pivko dances with Isabel Edwardsson
  • Former professional handball player Pascal Hens dances with Catherine Leonova
  • Pop singer Lucas Ryger dances with Katya Kalugina
  • Actor Jan Hartmann dances with Renata Lucine
  • Comedian Ozkan Kosar dances with Martha Arndt
  • Designer Thomas Rath dances with Katrin Mensinger

These candidate matches were supposed to prove in twelve live performances on Fridays at 8:15 pm RTL that they have what they need for “Dancing Star 2019”.

nude photo

These German celebrities came out on Playboy

71 photos

Who was on the jury in 2019?

“Never change the winning team” – this guideline also applies to RTL. The station counted on its trusted jury in Motsi Mabuz, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi. They also condemned or condemned the dances of celebrity candidates this year. Especially Llambi, who recently spoke openly about the photographs of his beautiful daughter Katharina, is known for his often harsh and ruthless criticism. Not everyone likes it, but now it's part of the program.

“Let's Dance” on TV: the broadcast date at a glance

Let's Dance транслировался в прямом эфире каждую пятницу в 20.15 по RTL. После вступительного шоу 15 марта последовало двенадцать регулярных живых выступлений. Только в Страстную пятницу (19 апреля) был перерыв. Финал состоялся 14 июня. Время трансляции с первого взгляда:

  • 15 марта, 20:15: «Давайте танцевать – кто с кем танцует? Великолепное вступительное шоу»
  • 22 марта, 20:15: эпизод 1
  • 29 марта, 20:15: серия 2
  • 5 апреля, 20:15: серия 3
  • 12 апреля, 20:15: серия 4
  • 26 апреля, 20:15: серия 5
  • 3 мая, 20:15: эпизод 6
  • 10 мая, 20:15: серия 7
  • 17 мая, 20:15: серия 8
  • 24 мая, 20:15: серия 9
  • 31 мая, 20:15: эпизод 10
  • 7 июня, 20:15: эпизод 11
  • 14 июня, 20:15: эпизод 12 (финал)

Беда в «Let's Dance»: Эвелин Бурдеки показывает, что она несет под

Беда в "Давайте танцевать"

Эвелин Бурдеки показывает, что она носит под

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Кто принимал танец Let's Dance 2019?

Также в 2019 году RTL провел модерационный дуэт Виктория Сваровски / Даниэль Хартвич. И это, хотя использование Swarovski было подвергнуто жесткой критике в их премьере сезона 2018 года отчасти. Причиной этого был, вероятно, не сам Сваровски, а скорее связанное с ним отделение Сильви Мейс. Говорят, что великолепная голландка потеряла свою модерационную работу, так как ее немец был очень ухабистым, а стиль – очень деревянным. RTL отверг обвинения, но фанаты все еще были на стороне Мейс.

Был ли Let's Dance также онлайн в прямом эфире?

Да, но только за плату. RTL показывал эпизоды на вещательном портале TV NOW в прямом эфире. Услуга доступна за 4,99 евро в месяц. Фанаты хардкора могли наблюдать, но также снова повторяются сезоны 4-11.

Кандидат "Давай потанцуем"

Керстин Отт – от художника до модели за миллионы

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Когда начинается концертный тур Let's Dance?

Это настоящая премьера! В 2019 году Let's Dance впервые выходит в эфир. В 16 немецких городах можно оценить качества профессиональных танцоров, и хорошо известные жюри Мотси Мабузе, Хорхе Гонсалес и Йоахим Лламби будут выносить свой приговор каждый вечер. Точно так же комик Оливер Похер будет частью живого тура. Билеты уже доступны во всех известных билетных агентствах, и это даты и остановки тура:

  • 08.11.2019 Riesa, САКСОНИЯ арена
  • 09.11.2019 Дортмунд, Вестфаленхалле
  • 10.11.2019 Мангейм, SAP ARENA
  • 13.11.2019 Киль, Спаркассен-Арена-Киль
  • 14.11.2019 Дюссельдорф, ISS DOME Дюссельдорф
  • 15.11.2019 Нюрнберг, страховка ARENA NÜRNBERGER
  • 16.11.2019 Лейпциг, Арена – Лейпциг
  • 19.11.2019 Брауншвейг, Volkswagen Halle
  • 20.11.2019 Берлин, Мерседес-Бенц Арена
  • 21.11.2019 Оберхаузен, король Пилсенер АРЕНА
  • 22.11.2019 Бремен, ОВБ-Арена
  • 24.11.2019 Гамбург, Арена Барклайкард
  • 26.11.2019 Ганновер, TUI Arena
  • 27.11.2019 Франкфурт-на-Майне, Фестхалле Франкфурт
  • 28.11.2019 Кельн, LANXESS Арена
  • 29.11.2019 Мюнхен, Олимпиахалле Мюнхен

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