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Who creates more pushups, lives longer: pushups show health?

Push-ups can say a lot about people's overall health – even more than traditional measurements, such as measuring blood pressure and calculating BMI. This is said by American researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on their website.

Stefanos Cales, a professor at Harvard Medical School, discovered in an earlier study that the most common cause of death for firefighters on duty was not inhalation of smoke, burns, or injuries, but sudden cardiac death. It is usually caused by coronary heart disease. Even in this risky profession, people are likely to die from the same disease as everyone else.

Pushups are a good predictor of cardiovascular disease.

However, the profession needed to be checked to determine serviceability. Since firefighters are generally in good physical shape, Kale’s laboratory was involved. Push ups. He found that they were even a better predictor of cardiovascular disease than the submaximal treadmill test. “The results show a strong correlation between push-up capabilities and a reduced risk of subsequent cardiovascular disease,” says Kales.

The study of push-ups goes beyond science and goes beyond the firefighters issue. “Pushups are another marker in a consistent history of physical activity and death rates, and any form of performance predicts mortality,” explains Michael Joyner, Mayo Clinic Researcher.

Push ups say a lot about overall health

This means: health is not just push-ups. But sports exercise still says a lot. Firefighters with a higher ability to push up were more likely to have low blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and did not smoke. People with the lowest push-ups smoked more often and had a higher waist circumference and body fat percentage, watched more TV and ate less fruits and vegetables.

Body weight and BMI are less significant

According to American scientists, if we needed to choose one simple universal number to determine the state of human health, push-ups can be a better factor than BMI. Good health must be meaningful, measurable, attainable and sustainable. Body mass and BMI are not always significant or feasible.

In addition, according to recent studies, specific microbes are to blame, such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart attack, and chronic joint inflammation. This discovery can help fight disease.

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