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"Wedding at a glance": six months after the word "yes": all marriages have failed!

Stop, finish. Also, these couples of the fifth season, "Weddings at a Glance," were to be parted.

They were hoping for great love at first sight, when they approached the altar on Sat.1 show “Wedding at a glance”. Indeed, in December a big show showed that at least two of the six couples were still meeting. Nain (28) and Damian (37), Sandra (30) and Sebastian (32) dared to stay one step ahead of the experiment. But, as the site Promiflash.de reports, these two marriages did not take place.

First, the bridegroom Aaron (26) is said to have made this rumor public. At the request of the site, the representative of Sat.1 received confirmation. Damien and Nain, who looked so promising from the first minute, are no longer a couple. Even Sandra and Sebastian, who were talking about contracting, should no longer be a married couple.

They also got to know each other on TV and fell in love with each other: these couples gave themselves the word “yes” in Bauer Suket Frau. You can see beautiful brides here:

These couples said yes! And wedding dresses provide a storm of enthusiasm


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Just a few days ago, it became known that Sasha’s second chance (47) also failed – he and Kim are no longer a couple. Sorry, the fifth season looked like a huge success! We wish all newcomers all the best for the future!

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