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My.com, international publisher and developer Warface Announces the release of its latest update, Prypiat, on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update includes a unique narrative-driven special operation that introduces a new game mechanics, and a mission to help players explore the notorious ghost town in the polluted environment of the Chernobyl reactor restricted zone. Players can count on new enemies, rewards and achievements, as well as a new series of weapons "nuclear“Rejoice.

As part of a new special operation WarfaceExpeditionary forces were sent to Pripyat – one of the most mysterious and historically important places on earth. For information that WarfaceHeadquarters was reported, seismic activity in this region is increasing. Players need to find out what is going on there, and check whether the instability is related to the activities of the vile Blackwood organization that was spotted in the area. ”Pripyat“New mechanisms have been introduced that in battle can make the difference between victory and defeat, such as: For example, energy shields used by individual enemies and defenses. Players also need to prepare for CAC, the latest development in the Blackwood robotics division. These sinister, human-like androids pose a serious threat to any unit and require precise teamwork to destroy them!

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About Warface

Warface is an action-shooter with cooperative and competitive action, tons of game modes and a huge amount of weapons for players. Players can play as foot soldiers, paramedics, snipers, or engineers when they work together to put Blackwood's military faction on their knees in a cooperative game. Alternatively, you choose your side and measure your skills with your teammates in a man versus man game. The game is absolutely free. More information about the console version can be found here on the product page.