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These girls get into Sylvie Mays in the top 8

Sylvie believes the solution is far from simple. In the end, you are faced with ten beautiful girls. They all want nothing but a pink bracelet. Because only the one who gets the tape is in the next round. Unfortunately, Sylvie can only make eight out of ten candidates happy.

"The best picture this week is from Suzanne," Sylvie begins her announcement. Not surprisingly, the joy of the 26-year-old is immense. But Alina, Graciella, Julia, Melissa, Mirjana, Sarah and Tanya can look forward to such a popular accessory.

For Daria and Mona, the journey ended in Sylvies Dessous Models. They could not convince Sylvie and her team one hundred percent. Unfortunately, this means packing your bags and taking them out of the beautiful attic.

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