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There is no desire to play board games before a fight with Northern Ireland.

The role of Austria in the League of Nations is obvious: no matter how Austrians play against Northern Ireland today – Austria definitely holds this class. No one would like to participate in the calculation of the games for qualifying for the European Championship at ÖFB.

05.50, November 18, 2018

Heinz lindner
Heinz lindner © APA / GEORG HOCHMUTH

at Heinz lindner It does not fit that the Austrian national football team missed its last chance to win a victory in the League League of strikers on Thursday with its 0-0 draw against Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goalkeeper saved his team for one goal or another to the goal and saved the ÖFB team at least one point.

However, he did not feel that he was the winner of the Bosnian match, Lindner stressed on Saturday, before heading to Belfast. "I am glad that I succeeded and helped the team, but we were all in the same boat and did not climb, so no one won."

Moreover, the top Austrian now has the motivation to finish the international match on Sunday (18.00 CET / live ORF) with a victory away against Northern Ireland. “We want to sell well and get three points,” said Lindner.

The keeper is aware of the fact that the match against the finalists of the EURO 2016 quarter has more than statistical value. "We need to score as many points as possible in order to improve our chances of getting into the playoffs of the League of Nations if it does not work in the qualifying rounds of the European Championship."

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However, the prospect is relatively good, regardless of the result in Belfast: ÖFB-Elf could close the league B-table in the worst case in eighth place. In this case, of the seven teams in front of him and the twelve Leagues A teams, at least twelve elections will have to decide the final round ticket for the qualifying matches of the European Championship, and Austria will be in failure of the League of Nations playoffs.

On such calculations wants himself Stefan Liner Do not allow at all. The main problem of a 26-year-old child is to confront what he considers to be a strong counterpart. “Northern Irish, of course, do not want to go home with zero points, we must be ready for an aggressive opponent from the very beginning, but we will fight against it and want to win,” said the Salzburg human rights activist.

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