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The contract against the theatrical contract divides Linz and the country

The contract against the theatrical contract divides Linz and the country

LINZ. Now the boss of the Bruckner Orchestra is attacking Mayor Linz Klaus Luger. SPKO plays, in turn, in an open letter to Governor Thomas Stelzer.

Presented yesterday the project: Haimbuhner (l.), Luger, Stelzer, Haberlander, Strugl a photo:

A cultural-political hiccup between the city of Linz and the state of Upper Austria develops dynamics that are difficult to control. After the mayor Klaus Luger announced the termination of the theater contract with the state, the director of the theater-quartermaster Hermann Schneider compared this procedure with “Populismus vom Schneid Trumps”. Now, the staging of the Bruckner Orchestra, Marcus Posner ,. He speaks of a "catastrophe, scandal." The city turns away from its main institutions.

SPÖ’s Parliament Speaker Stefan Gigler responded yesterday with an open letter and played to Black Governor Peter Thomas Stelzer. He “in the short period of his exclusive financial responsibility for the culture of the country, the theater and the orchestra of the GmbH 5,891,499.44 euros” has left.

Nevertheless, this theatrical contract is only part of a larger whole, which should organize the city and the country, and, therefore, Luger and Stelzer. From infrastructure solutions through the medical school to the planned LASK stadium – interdependencies are as complex as they are diverse

Conflict is worsening

The agreement, which has existed for 40 years, regulates the cultural and financial flows of the city and state: the city of Linz transfers the country to TOG (Theater und Orchester GmbH) about 14 million euros, and vice versa, the state of the city is LIVA (Linz event GmbH with Brucknerhaus, Tips Arena, Stadium , Posthof) about seven million euros.

“I don’t know if this is clear in Linz,” the dissolution of the theatrical contract spread like wildfire in the music world, and the loss of prestige associated with this message is absurd. the scandal, the city turns away from its most successful institutions, ”says Posher.

Of course, as a Bruckner Linz orchestra, you also serve the city that you carry on your behalf. Renamed Bruckner Orchester Oberösterreich director of Landestheater Hermann Schneider is “absurd” for the Poschner. Now he needs "a vision, a look at what the future of the cultural city of Linz should look like." We must develop the potential here, otherwise I personally have no reason to continue my work here – it would be very unpleasant. “There is still no discussion about how the future cooperation with the city might look like after 31/12/2019. Pochner:“ It’s absurd to think that the Bruckner orchestra should no longer be performing in the Bruknerhaus, which will only cause loud laughter in the international arena. ”

The parliamentary leader of SPÖ-Linz, Stefan Gigler, also yesterday addressed the dissolution of the theater contract in an open letter to the Landstheater director Schneider and the Landestheater ensemble. “For several days you write in the media and at the stages of the country's cultural institutions against the termination of the theater contract by the city of Linz,” wrote Gigler. The mayor of the city of Linz is accused of a derogatory attitude: “suspend the withdrawal of this Treaty, the State Theater is a financial collapse”. It was the "addressee of criticism wrong." In the end, it was Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP), who had already recalled nearly six million euros as a specialist in cultural and financial issues of the country TOG (see Facsimile).

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