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The arrest warrant for the leader of the Berlin clan canceled

Rafat Abu-Shaker, head of the famous Berlin clan of Arab origin, was released from pre-trial custody. The prosecution said the arrest warrant was canceled on Thursday. The 42-year-old was arrested about two weeks ago in a courtroom. The prosecution accused a man of trying to kidnap members of the rapper Bushido family. The investigating judge found no reason for the detention, wrote to the prosecutor's office. We are currently investigating the filing of a complaint.

The musician Bushido and the head of the clan had close business contacts over the years, but over the past year they fell apart in a dispute. Then, in an interview with The Star, Bushido said: "If something happens to me, they will take care of my wife and children." In 2013, the “star” revealed the existence of a general who Abu-Shaker was supposed to allow to freely dispose of the assets of rappers.

Bushido allegedly redirected half of his income to an Arab family clan, which, according to media reports, includes several serious criminals who were investigated for assault, pimping, extortion, and drug trafficking. The family has Palestinian and Lebanese roots. One of the family members was convicted as the organizer of spectacular robbery in poker on Potsdamer Platz.

In November, in connection with the clashes between Abu-Shaker and Bushido, in their joint estate in Kleinmahnov, near Berlin, there was a raid. In mid-January, Abu-Shaker was convicted in a Berlin district court in another case. He was given a probationary period of ten months, because in March last year he thrust the janitor into the caretaker’s eye, broke his nose with his head and threatened to die. The prosecutor took the opportunity to issue an arrest warrant for the allegedly planned abduction of a child. Yasir Abu-Shaker, Arafat’s brother, was later arrested in Denmark on the same charges. There he awaits his extradition to Germany.

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