Thursday , January 28 2021

Ryan Fry: Canadian Curling-Olympic Championships Suff Scandal

In 2014, Ryan Fry became a hero at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Four years later, a 40-year tournament scandal – after a strong drink,

Canadian curling Olympic champion Ryan Fry was excluded from the tournament for "extreme drunkenness." The 2014 gold medalist in Sochi was excluded from the classic classic red deer curling in Albert, Albert, because he and his teammates Jamie Coe, DJ Kidby and Chris Schillet hit.

"Unacceptable behavior"

“They came to the curling, were extremely drunk, brooms broke out, cursed and behaved unacceptably, that was enough,” said organizer Wade Thurber of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is said that Canadians swore in the locker room. The world curling tour spoke of "unsporting behavior."

Since then, Fry has apologized. He described his behavior as "disrespectful and awkward." He will take appropriate steps to ensure that this problem never recurs.

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