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No, changing the password is useless.

Periodic password changes alone do not automatically increase security. Instead of constantly new passwords At the very least, you need to think about it for every important Internet service another safe password use. Trading Journal advises c & # 39; tPassword managers can create and manage this. passwords provide valuable services. Recommended Enpass, Keepass, password Depot or SafeInCloud, which can be used and synchronized on different devices, as well as cross-platform.

passwords annoyed from the user's point of view first of all. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly memorize new complex and long lines, so there is a risk that the overloaded user is, after all, but easy to remember, so uncertain passwords rewards. Or does he just set the same everywhere password a, warn the experts. In an emergency, attackers only need to hack into one service in order to gain unhindered access to all other user accounts on the Internet.

Who is it passwords without the help of a manager, you should install long individual lines – and, if possible, activate two-factor authentication, advise experts. To find out if homemade password Already in the published list of already cracked access codes, users can use it together with the service database. ”Pwned Passwords"Syndicate.

Make it difficult passwords, which you still remember, arbitrary hints are useful. For example, for each sentence, the first letters or symbols are always used: “Safe passwords create in 90 percent of cases should be really no problem! " password "SPze, si90aFegkPs!". Warning: rhymes, songs, proverbs or verses as passwords are vague. Who would have thought?

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