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Nina Botts Still-Photo from Vox-Moderator provides “cautious comments"

Vox presenter Nina Bott does what most mothers do: caring for her baby. But she publishes it on Instagram — and collects wild criticism.

Munich – your baby luck seemed perfect. In mid-January, actress and TV anchor Nina Bott got her third child, little Leo. On Instagram, the 41-year-old proudly presents her children again and again, one photo of a child following another. But her last contribution causes a sensation. The reason: she feeds her child.

Nina Bott: host Vox publishes Still-Foto – and gives criticism

Actually, she is a real crowd, please. In 1997 Nina Bott was first seen on German television, while in the RTL soap "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten". In 2008 she played Celine Lafort in “Alles was zählt”, and three years later Julia Mendez in “Forbidden Love”. But she was seen not only in daily soaps, but also in Let’s Dance. In 2010, she took third place there.

Nina Bott (third from left) danced with “Let’s Dance” in 2010 against Sylvie Mace (second from left) and Sofia Tomalla (second from left).

© photo alliance / dpa / Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert

Since 2016, Nina Bott presents the Vox “Outstanding!” Program and gives her about 113,000 Instagram fans telling about her work and her personal life. Those who follow her probably also noticed that Bott had recently given birth to a little son. She proudly presents her offspring, including a photograph, which shows the leading, breastfeeding. But here that bitters some users.

"Children will be ashamed of this": Shitstorm vs. Vox Moderator

The picture shows Nina Bott slightly blurred, looking at her child. Her blouse is slightly open, you can see part of her left breast. She has a breasted shawl over her shoulder, but she cannot hide her small head. Darling, as loyal fans find 41-year-olds.

But some users go too far. Breastfeeding is not public, not to mention his picture. In addition, you see too much breast. “I also breastfed, with the only difference that it remains a private matter, in order to save my children from shame and embarrassment. Such pictures are not in sight! "," Breastfeeding is normal, but what do public photos show with a few more clicks? "Or" This is part of privacy. Think about it later. Children will be ashamed of it, ”say users.

Instagram user even says: "It should not be in public, I do not want to see a woman who has a child on her chest." Bott must go to the toilet or to the car to breastfeed. Then some comments that you just should not look. “Yes,” says a follower of the moderator, “it’s like an accident, you can’t look at it otherwise.”

Breathing Still Photo: Nina Bott resists – and again reaps criticism

But for a long time Nina Bott did not allow such statements to sit on her. “I, of course, do not feel attacked. When I read such stupid, stale, rude and extremely stupid comments, I would like to broadcast every dairy food live on TV. Because, of course, there are women who are afraid of something. And that would be a pity! "- comments Vox-moderator under his post.

Promptly follow the response of some fans. She was a role model and had to express her choice. Therefore, it should not sink to that level. However, most of their followers adhere to Bott. “Don't let me down”, “I just love this picture” or “They are all hypocrites. Do not worry! ", They comment under the still photo.

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