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Nightrace celebrities competed in the racing fever “kleinzeitung.at

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Special request for federal number one, high stakes and a very bad dog: it was a night slalom from a VIP point of view.

of Nina Muller | 21:26, January 29, 2019

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GEPA Photos

As soon as you feel Schladming's “pot” at the top: as number one in Austria, you will also receive this special request. Alexander van der Bellen, big fan Marcel Hirscher ("He is an exception!"), We were allowed to meet with assistants, and then swim in the gondola on the track. And because of the safety rules, but a rather complicated request, but the federal president was happy to fulfill. The Federal President was delighted with Schladming: "At that time I was in Kitzbühel, but there were too many problems for me," he admitted. "There are people here in Schladming, in the best sense of the word, they are not so high."

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