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New video games: catch pocket monsters and order tiles

spy story, Modeling, battles on the battlefield zombie hordes and cute fantastic creatures: new games for PC and

console This is something for friends of every genre. Five titles:

Two remakes – "

Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go Pikachu "and"Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go Evoli "

Using a smartphone "Pokemon Go "with Augmented Reality Niantic is in collaboration with Nintendo 2016 is a great success. Now there is a collection of monsters on

Nintendo Switch and thus the first name of Pokemon for console, AT "Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go Pikachu "and"Pokemon: Let Go Go Evoli look forward to the connection of two worlds. The connection between tradition and modernity was especially important for developers.

In principle, two switch names are different from different Companion pokemon Do not make any distinctions, namely, remakes of the games of the first generation – thus, refer to the yellow edition for Gameboy Color since 1998. The player is a coach and leaves Pokemon compete with each other. The goal is his

pocket monster continue to improve and enhance their reputation as a coach – a classic RPG approach.

Who is it console Connected to a smartphone, in Go-Park, formerly known as the Safari Zone, Pokemon Let the frightened monsters frolic. The design of the name of the console has succeeded in development. Relationship with this Companion pokemon plays an important role. There are many opportunities for interaction. Care, comfort, encouragement: Evoli or Pikachu need a lot. Skillful Pokemon players will find many people familiar with game mechanics. There were significant changes in the catch system, in which the spirits are slightly divorced. Here you are more focused on the version of the smartphone. So it's less tactful, but more skills are required. Games for Nintendo Switch Available at 60 euros each and are available without age limit.

Death comes quietly – "Hitman 2"

The name of the game is a little confusing, because the Hitman series can look back on a long tradition. Two years ago, people just started counting again. The protagonist is agent-agent 47 who travels the world cheerfully, but also dark rain forests in big cities. Direct and tangible way leads only to the goal. Instead of firearms, poisons, small explosive devices and, above all, many psychologies are used much more often in order to avoid life as quickly as possible with a high degree of efficiency. A wide range of tools is available. The attractiveness of the game is basically a combination of various tools and objects. So this is really mental power. All this is built into one spy storywhich connects individual missions. "Hitman 2" does not release youth. The game is about 50 euros for
Gaming consoles and Xbox One of them is available.

Prince of Darkness on the Switch –

Diablo iii"

RPG fighters may have jumped when they heard the classic "Diablo iiiThe eternal collection includes a complete package of five elevators and all classes of characters fighting hordes of undead and underground monsters in the well-known form of Diablo, while continuing to develop their character. Also on the switch, the game reveals exciting potential, and there will be no one who is not in all classes of characters – a magician, a monk, a barbarian, a sorcerer, a demon hunter, a necromancer and a crusader – a struggle who wants to take action against death and the devil. "Diablo iii"Already from others console knows not find a lot of new. "Diablo iii: Eternal Collection "is available for 60 euros in the Switch version. The game has been released since 16 years.

Come on the field! – "Agriculture Simulator 19"

Agriculture, obviously, has a certain appeal, especially when you do not need personal and real care of the field and animal husbandry. In any case, the Farming Simulator series is well received by video players. Using Farming Simulator 19, Focus Home Interactive has just launched the latest version on the market. It is visually completely redesigned and equipped with a new engine. Trailers with agricultural machinery get their money. More than 300 rolling stock and equipment includes a potential fleet. Three worlds – one region each Europe, USA and South America – with various circumstances.

Agriculture and livestock challenge the peasants. In addition, forestry can be included in a portfolio, but you should not underestimate the difficulty of getting everything under one roof. In addition to taking good care of animals and plants, a good luck business economist is naturally also essential for successful development. Career mode is doing business well, keeping a positive balance and becoming an economically successful farmer. "Farming Simulator 19" is released without age limit and is available for about 35 euros for a PC. Versions for Gaming consoles and Xbox One of them costs about 50 euros each.

Continuation of the multiplayer blockbuster shooter – "Battlefield V"

"Battlefield V" plays in The Second World WarNot big and decisive battles and events are the focus of the game, but rather unexpected and unknown places and themes. The war game remains a war game, but you have to give credit to the Swedish developers Dice for stories telling the stories of military superheroes, but rather about soldiers who are just part of a big event. The characters are represented primarily as people, and, accordingly, small stories are tied around them.

This does not change the gameplay of a military shooter. Very successful again is the use of different rolling stock and airplanes. This makes the whole game varied and diverse. The core of the name is a multiplayer mode. The solo campaign is less convincing. Fans of the genre who love to team up online with other combatants and compete with others, get their money. "Battlefield V" released from 16 years and for Gaming consoles and Xbox One of them is available at 60 euros. The PC version costs about 50 euros.

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