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Mirthi Monteiro, a miracle from Brazil with an American in Paris

Mirthi Monteiro, a miracle from Brazil with an American in Paris

On Sunday in Gershwin's “Musical Theater” “German in Paris” the first performance of the German language in the musical theater is celebrated. For this, an international star was attracted to Myrth Monteiro

Mirthi Monteiro, a miracle from Brazil with an American in Paris

Mirthi Monteiro as Lisa Dassin and Gernot Romik, Jerry Mulligan Image: Barbara Palffy

For the role of Lisa in “American in Paris”, Mirtes Monteiro would have flown halfway around the world. Now dancing, singing and acting wonder landed in Linz, where the dance musical “American in Paris”, celebrated in New York, Paris and London, celebrates its German premiere on Sunday after George Gershwin’s music. The 32-year-old Brazilian talks about the roles of dreams, hardships and another actor named Neymar.

OÖNachrichten: Ms. Monteiro, you speak four languages, learn dancing, singing, drama and circus and are a star in the musical stages of the world. What are you doing in Linz?

Mirthi Monteiro: Theater is an experience that I absolutely wanted to do. The theater is great, the productions are great. I often heard that Linz must be insane. The people who are on stage are so good. It is a great honor for me to be here. First of all, I like the role of Lisa, which I am allowed to play here. This is a gift.

You grew up in Sao Paulo, how are you in the cosmopolitan city of Linz?

I love Sao Paulo, but it is too big. You have much more time here. Cozy.

The feeling of life – dancing, playing football, carnival – implanted most of the Brazilians and at the same time a chance to get to the top?

I think it's in the blood. I wake up in the morning, start music and start dancing. We are very extroverted. We are fighters, we make simple ones and we try to achieve our dreams.

Do you have a favorite football player? Neymar is an almost active colleague.

He can do nothing. So he can act. I love Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo.

How did you start your artistic career?

I started from below. I was a dancer, and I grew up in the countryside, and then I returned to Sao Paulo alone at the age of 18. In 21, I won a dance audition for the “King of Lions” in Hamburg. It was insane! Eleven years ago, I went to Germany without saying a word about German or English. That was a big change. I was brave and very disciplined and had almost no privacy for many years.

They spent the last three years with Princess Jasmina in Aladdin Disney in Hamburg. How did you survive it?

There were about a thousand speeches eight times a week. It's enough.

American in Paris


In 1928, the premiere of George Gershwin’s American in Paris was held in New York. More than six decades after the sensational film, Gene Kelly since 1951 is a love affair after the end of the Second World War in Paris – the fabric became evergreen, like “I got the rhythm”, “S is wonderful” and “They can”, “Distract it from me To a successful musical.

Linz production

The leading production team is primarily Nick Winston (director and choreographer), Charles Kiggin (stage) and Alex Valasek (costumes) and Tom Bitterlich (he leads the Bruckner orchestra) – as great as the expansive ensemble consisting of performers and dancers ,

Cast: Gernot Romik (Jerry Mulligan) and Myrth Monteiro (Lisa Dassin). This season Monteiro is a seasoned actor.

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