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Measles in Tyrol: Six children taken to hospital as a precaution

Kufstein, Schwaz. As a precautionary measure, six lowland children were taken to the Innsbruck Children's Hospital. You may have had contact with a measles child during a pediatrician's operation in the Schwaz region. As children are under six months old, they should not be vaccinated against measles, the country reported on Thursday.

Clinic therapy is based on immunoglobulin protection. Thus, large parts of the immune system are activated to prevent possible measles virus as early as possible. Contact persons who are older than half a year and do not have vaccine protection are protected against measles infection by administering two measles, mumps and rubella vaccines.

Already on Tuesday, it became known that a woman in lowland was suffering from measles. On Wednesday, another case became known, the child from Alpbahtal should also be treated. Another suspected case of possible human disease has not been confirmed. All three cases occurred independently, it was said.

All contact persons informed

The country reported that in close cooperation with district authorities, all necessary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of measles. “All possible contact persons are informed and informed, and all necessary measures have been taken from a medical point of view,” explains Franz Katzgraber, Landesanitsyatsector. (

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