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"It is better not to think about it, it will drive you crazy!"

"It is better not to think about it, it will drive you crazy!"

Now it is known who will represent Austria at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Israel in May: the Viennese electro-pop singer Pienda will play for Austria.

Paenda wants to use a song contest to get his idea of ​​equality to the world. Image: APA / ORF Thomas Ramerstorfer

She is 31 years old, a singer-electroshop, lives in Vienna and calls herself "Paenda", because in the mornings she often looks like a panda. How the song "Limits" sounds, with which the native Styrian tries his luck, is still unknown.

Un: What happened on your mobile phone since you announced that you are representing Austria at the song contest?

Papa: It explodes. I removed it because it constantly vibrates. But these are only positive, pleasant messages that reach me.

Un: They make electropop from the main stream. It was clear to you – song contest, yes, I want to go there?

Yes Full.

Un: Why?

Because I think this is a great event that stands for equality, openness and love, and I have my own message that also concerns this topic, which I would like to convey to the world.

Un: What is this message?

In any case, equal rights, especially for women who dominate the business, in my case, the music business. I am also a songwriter and producer. Already have sexism, with some things have to fight.

Un: In the sense that women do not give budgets, in the sense of sexist remarks?

How to be treated and what to hear.

Un: Have you applied for a song contest or approached them?

I was asked I know that I am going to ESC only recently, but the decision was not made overnight.

Un: What do you expect from a song contest besides raising awareness?

I always look forward to growing up for me as a person, as an artist. I learned something again, saw something new again. And this, of course, returns to music.

Un: 180 million people will be watching on TV. How do you handle this number?

Yes, it is a lot (laughs). Since I know that I am leaving, I need to do and fix so much that I did not have time to really cope with it. I hear it only from other people who say: "My God, so many people." But from my own experience, I know that when you are on stage, you only see people standing in front of you, and it will be around 7,500 in a hall in Israel. In the back of your head, a voice says that there are so many people following you, but you are not checking it. That's why: it's better not to think about it, it will drive you crazy!

Un: Limits, the song you are competing with will be presented first. How can you imagine it?

This is very different from the songs on my first album, this song was not expected of me. What else can I say? Electropops, calm.

Un: Your sister will attend the performance …

My sister is my best friend, she plays in my live band, we live together, she always sticks me day and night. We do not know yet whether it will necessarily roll, but I, of course, want this.

Un: Austria has taken the first, but also the last place in recent years – how would you cope with these two extreme options?

I try very little to worry about something like this, because it completely restricts the creative flow. Of course, I am very sorry for those who scored so little, and in part I find it unjustified. But I can't judge myself.

Un: Did you even watch ESC?

Already. I have not had a television since I was 18, but I always looked at my friends or in the media library. Three years ago we were in a London pub and watched a song contest without sound – it was fun. Everyone says that the show is always on top, but go to the concert Katy Perry, and then you will understand that there. There is nothing wrong with a song contest.

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