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“Gold plaque in front of the head” in Wiener Crankenhaus-Nord

This “golden tip in the head” is sent this year to the northern hospital of Vienna and the “mind researcher” Christoph Fashin. The satirical award for “the greatest antiscientific evil per year” was awarded on Wednesday evening by the GWUP (Association for Scientific Research on Parasites) in Vienna and Hamburg at the same time.

As part of the construction of the hospital in Vienna, Floridsdorf Fashing was instructed to build a “protective wall” around the hospital to prevent “negative environmental energies affecting the home and people.” GWUP justifies its reward by the fact that only a hospital should actually "counteract the rapidly developing esotericism and present itself as a place of scientific thinking in which a person does not believe in spells, but performs significant actions."

In addition, 95,000 euros were spent – "an amount that can be used for complex operations or cancer treatment, or with which you could vaccinate thousands of children against measles, mumps and rubella." And: “Anyone who orders vigorously at home to have ineffective magical rituals performed there, first of all, hurts himself. But if public funds are spent on deception, this evil is a particularly serious matter. ” In addition to the waste of money, there is thus an “impression of a public” seal of approval for esoteric nonsense. ”

The Gold Board for Lifetime Achievement went to the Demeter Association. It sells agricultural products that were produced in accordance with the rules established by the esoteric Rudolf Steiner "Anthroposophy" and, thus, contribute, according to GWUP, to the "pre-science-magic worldview."

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