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For this reason, chocolate is better to cough than cough syrup

New home remedy for cold? First of all, chocolate lovers should continue reading: because researchers have found something that should please them.

A cold is not a pleasure: a cold, cough, sore throat, and perhaps even fever, tie you to your own four walls. Anyone who now likes to take home remedies, such as onions or ginger sauce, gets a new — tasty — alternative.

Dark chocolate as a good cough aid

According to RTL, a British study found that chocolate can relieve coughing. It is assumed that the active substance theobromine in chocolate acts better than cough syrup.,

The study at Hull University in Yorkshire, England, involved 163 patients with cough. Half of the patients were coughing with the active ingredient codeine to achieve meaningful results. The other half treated the study leaders with a drug containing a chocolate containing substance theobromine.It worked even better than regular cough syrup.

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Chocolate lies on the mucous membranes as a protective film

Reason: theobromine facilitates the cough reflex because it blocks the activity of nerve endings. The consistency of chocolate also helps with coughing: a viscous suspension obtained by chewing Lies as a protective film over the sensitive mucous membranes in the throat and unfolds a calming effect there.,

Another advantage of chocolate is that it does not get tired, unlike codeine, which is contained in cough drops. Codeine can even make you addicted at worst. Although chocolate also contains an addictive factor – it does, but at the most, in the form of thick pillows, noticeable.

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It is important to know for those who want to use chocolate in the treatment of the following cough: Theobromine cough medicine is a so-called alkaloid – an organic compound contained in cocoa. Therefore, research leaders recommend using chocolate with a high cocoa content.,

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