Monday , January 25 2021

Drunk man attacks boys (3) with glass bottle

A famous 36-year-old man injured several people at U6 stations in Vienna-Meidling on Wednesday afternoon, including a glass bottle, including a three-year-old boy. After the witnesses warned the police, the drunk was arrested on Schönbrunner Straße.

Shortly after 1 pm, indefinite Austrians attacked 58-year-olds at the Niederhofstraße station with a beer can and injured his face, police spokesman Paul Eidenberger said on Thursday. Then the criminal drove the station with the subway in Lengenfeldgasse and beat a 57-year-old there with a glass bottle. On the way to the exit, he also pounced on a bottle, a three-year-old boy who had cracked lips and bruises. He entered the mother of the child, but she remained unharmed. Coming out of the metro station, the 36-year-old man hit another, previously unknown person with a bottle in the face and ran away. This man was finally caught in Schönbrunner Straße.

1.84 per thousand

The detainee measured the blood alcohol level of 1.84 per thousand. It turned out that the 36-year-old man had already attacked a 60-year-old man with ten strokes at the Niederhofstraße metro station on November 8. His record also includes more drug and property offenses, Eidenberger said. However, in the interrogations he denied everything. He is in custody.

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