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Dispute over the minimum income

Vein. On Wednesday, Sebastian Kurz and H.S. Strashe moved to defend his new social security package after the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The Chancellor stressed that half of the recipients were foreigners. He also advocated massive cuts in families with several children.

As AUSTRIA reported, a family with four children will receive only 1,640 euros instead of 2,277 euros per month. In short: "If you include a family allowance, you have come to the side of 3,000 euros, who have people who go to work, often not." Boss VP club August Wöngeger: "Who goes to work, should not be stupid."

Strace said: “We have adopted an unfair model from SP … which is now more accurate, fair and just.”

While the countries controlled by ÖVP consider the agreement to be positive, the SPÖ countries of Vienna, Carinthia and Burgenland are rehearsing an uprising. People have not yet spoken to countries, according to rumors, the mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig. And Lord Carinthia Peter Kaiser is furious in AUSTRIA: "This model is insane."

  • Children. The reason for irritation: it has decreased in families with several children, but even couples with two children will receive less in the future, AK predicts: so far it was € 1,605.26, in the future it is 125 € less. In the future, the third child will receive 43.15 euros per month. The number, however, was later corrected by the government. Gabriele Fisher (The Greens) Tyrolean Provincial Counselor: “That's not enough for diapers.”
  • The refugees In the future – if they do not have good German skills – you will receive 300 euros less.
  • Emergency dispute. But the real point of view arises only in 2019: then urgent help is needed in an emergency, and Kurz didn’t rule out that the youngest with a small insurance period may fall into the minimum income.

Hackers: "We will not play with us"


AUSTRIA: What do you say about the new minimum income protection? So the refugees will be reduced 300 euros.

Peter Heiker: The confederation completely abandons its integration task. People themselves must pay for German courses that are really inside. And if they can speak German, they will receive a bonus of 300 euros. It is cynical. Hardly cynical.

AUSTRIA: And cuts for children?

HACKER: With all clarity: he will not play with social democracy! Children here will not be losers.

AUSTRIA: So in the end, Vienna will not carry out reforms?

HACKER: There is no law yet. When the project comes, we will seriously consider it. So far, the shadowgeboxt: 300 euros hardly comply with European legislation. And the five-year waiting period is applicable law. All cinnabar. For this, the government reduces the number of children. We will certainly resist.

Kaiser: "This is crazy"

Peter Kaiser© APA / HANS PUNZ

AUSTRIA: What do you say about the new minimum income protection?

Peter Kaiser: Madness.


Kaiser: I can not understand what it is intended to interrupt children. Foreigners or not – it's just people. One third of the 307,000 people with the lowest income are children, this is just insane. And we are not talking about one percent of all social spending.

AUSTRIA: Refugees will also be allowed …

Kaiser: … for people without a school certificate. This also affects the Austrians – and, therefore, already disadvantaged people.

AUSTRIA: What will Carinthia do now?

Kaiser: We will see what regional coverage the law offers us. But this is where the future of many children is lost – what kind of politics is this?


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