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Ärztekammer warns: skepticism regarding vaccination is growing – burgenland.ORF.at

The World Health Organization is concerned about the widespread skepticism about vaccination. Burgenland also piles up requests for many pediatric practices. Most parents are critical of the measles vaccine. Wrong, says the medical association.

Unlike other EU countries, such as Italy, Austria does not have mandatory vaccination requirements. Parents can decide for themselves whether they want to vaccinate their child or not.

Danger from vaccinations opponents


Many parents are worried about Internet messages.

Again and again on the Internet there are reports of possible side effects of various vaccinations. As a result, requests for Burgenland on this topic are growing, says Albrecht Prieler, a pediatrician in Neufeld-on-Leyte and head of the Medical Association of Burgenland. “Vaccine problems are becoming more common. I see it in my ordination. We have a lot of people who are skeptical about the vaccine because they hear reports from somewhere. But then you can convince arguments, figures and explanations, "Priler said.

Measles vaccine is good for the immune system.

Pediatricians now also need to convince themselves of measles vaccination. Reports of serious side effects, such as autism, reappear on the Internet. According to Priler, this is based on a fake study by a British doctor who has lost his approval.

Danger from vaccinations opponents


Dedication albrecht prilera

According to Prilera, especially in the case of measles vaccination, the opposite happens. “It is now proven that the measles vaccine not only provides protection against measles, but also better activates the immune system. However, treating measles harms the immune system for several years. The ability to die from other infectious diseases is increasing, ”Priler said.

Danger from vaccinations opponents


The measles vaccine should also be beneficial for the immune system.

Last year, 77 cases of measles were reported in Austria. In early January, was the first case of the year in Styria. Currently, the number of cases of measles has increased to 13 cases – more cases of measles: about a dozen infections. In any case, the recommended vaccination plan of the Ministry of Health now provides for vaccination from the age of nine, but also at any time after that. By the way, the vaccine is available free of charge at all state vaccination centers.


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