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Agnieszka Holland – Polish director is 70 years old

She has achieved success in the movie business for decades, and her work is always consonant with the times. On his 70th anniversary on Wednesday (November 28), Oscar-nominated director Agnieszka Holland twice celebrated the centenary and the premiere.

The Iron Curtain has never fallen, and Poland is a police state in which a student and a policeman are engaged in a political conspiracy: this scenario traces the most famous director of Poland in her last directorial work. The 1983 series of thrillers is Poland's first production facility for streaming Netflix and celebrates its premiere just two days after the birthday of celebrities. Holland was tested and tested to produce high-quality episodes of success: she also directed several episodes of The House of Cards.

In the new series, she raises the issue of freedom and security, as the Netherlands shows to the Polish media. “This is a dilemma that almost all countries are facing today,” says the director in the face of the growing right-wing populist tendencies that have raised concerns among the population after the attacks. Filmmaking is politics, she told the German press agency in a previous conversation. With her works, Holland wants to expand the imagination of the audience and draw attention to things that were previously hidden.

Thus, the nominee for the Oscar award of the late Polish director Andrzej Wajda died in 2016: the latest Holland film The Spur won the Berlinale 2017 award for opening new perspectives. In black feminist ecological thrillers, she has worked on gender relations for grain.

Only by his art of speaking, a native of Warsaw is not enough. “If something happens badly and you think you can do something about it, you should participate,” said Holland in an interview. In criticizing the controversial government of PiS Poland, she is not shy about his words. National conservatives are accused of having attracted the media and justice under their control. “Democracy is like air, they are cleaning it now, and soon we are beginning to gasp in smog,” Holland warned in an anti-government protest.

The political struggle to a certain extent depends on blood: the mother of Holland was active during World War II in the Polish underground movement, fighting in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the German occupation. For many years, Holland has been involved in the fight against nationalism and anti-Semitism in life and on canvas, and is not afraid of any taboos. Repeatedly directed a film whose paternal grandparents on the paternal side were killed as Polish Jews in Auschwitz, war and the Holocaust, the subject of their films, such as Hitler the Boy Salomon and Tunnel, which he nominated as an Oscar nomination.

Since the beginning of her career, Holland, who studied at the Prague Film School, has collaborated with the great Polish cinema – with Krzysztof Zanussi and Vajda, for whom she has written scripts for Danton and Love in Germany. As a screenwriter, she also worked on the Krzysztof Kieslowski film Dray Farben-Blau. Also in the American television series, such as “The Wire” and “Cold Case” Holland, who live in Poland and France, the director.

To produce Netflix from her home, Holland brought only Polish women directors to the team, and her daughter Katarzyna Adamyk was one of the parties. Holland also relies on the power of women in politics. Polish women have long put their work and their achievements in the shadow of men, she said in a panel discussion on television and turned to: "I hope for awake women."

According to Holland, they have a different perspective and different priorities. Women put projects and the common good in the first place as a newborn child, and do not manifest themselves narcissistically. “If something can bring peace back to the future, it will be women,” she said. "Women will change the world." Holland is convinced of this.

Source: Apa / Dpa

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