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Tim Payne Meets Michael Clark, Gerard Whiteley

A lively reaction — both support and attack — Michael Clarke’s comments about the need for the Australian cricket team to remain tough continued.

After Clark and distinguished commentator Gerard Whiteley returned, current Australian captain Tim Payne defended his side’s approach, as Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were removed from a ball scandal in South Africa earlier this year.

He said that Clarke’s suggestion: “you need to stop worrying about being loved and start worrying about being respected” were uneasy.

“Nobody talked about being loved, of course, by the opposition,” said Payne to ESPNcricinfo. “We talked about wanting to win the trust of the Australian public and to make sure that you want the Australian cricket fans to like or love the Australian test team. Of course, there is this aspect, but from the point of view of the opposition, we do not care that we love so much. ”

Payne said that after an uncomfortable test in Johannesburg, which played after Smith, Warner and Bancroft resigned, his side "competed as hard as she could" against Pakistan in the UAE, but did not attack him in the front fight.

“We will continue to play hard Australian cricket, as Michael said, this will not change … it's just knowledge, sometimes we may have to pull it back and make sure that we first get the most important thing, and this is our skill” .

But Clark found an ally in his favorite former discoverer, Matthew Heiden, who spoke about the SCG dinner on Wednesday night: “You don’t play because you want to have a host to be a good guy.”

“I know what our truth is like the Australian cricket players.” We play our best cricket when you fight. Now the word "fight" causes fistfights, verbal diarrhea, and racial and religious mockery. “That means nothing,” said Hayden, as reported by Fairfax.

“It's about body language, and it’s about that, as the Australians, when you walk this line, and you play SCG,“ this is our country, our turf ”. And on our watch we want to try and win. And I think that this is really what Michael was trying to say – that this concerns that competitive advantage.

“I know if we lose this and even our great era of Australian cricket, when we lost this advantage – and I think that after this there will be a test match against India, – and everyone was a little punctured by this incident and were a little worried about , “Are we crossing the mark?” And “should we play the game like that?”, We just started playing badly. And I don't think so.

“My expectations as a fan, to forget a former player, is that our athletes will be men or women in any code to win the game or watch to win their event. I think that this is what we need so that we play our best in any code. ”

New Coach Justin Langer and Payne's attempt to start a new era, without verbal abuse and pugnacious series, caused a lot of repulsion.

South African skipper Fafe du Plessis noted that “handheld” Australia was in the recent ODI series, while Shane Warne and former England captain Michael Vaughan both mocked the players' pact.

Clark became the last high-profile player who criticized Tuesday, urging Payne to return to "tough Australian cricket."

“If you try to leave him, we can become the most beloved team in the world (but) we are not going to win s ***. We will not win the game. Boys and girls want to win, ”Clark said on Macquarie sports radio.

Comments were blocked by SEN commentator Gerard Whiteley. “Clark’s interpretation of the predicament that the team of Australian men is experiencing is breathtaking,” said Uateli. “The fact that he will continue to rely on the line – the fiction that he and his subsequent teams have used to justify all sorts of boorish behavioral actions – may be the largest part of nonsense in the past nine months.

“The summer test before us is a critical moment of recalibration, and Payne and his team, who remained with great responsibility for restoring the national cricket hero, deserve better than what Clark supports. To hear it, read it just pissed me off. ”

Clark's long-term rival Simon Katic also hit back on the former skipper.

“We again find that someone (Clark) lacks sense,” said Katic to SEN radio station.

“We were caught for blatant deception, and we need to fix this as quickly as possible, and also earn the respect of the cricket community in Australia and around the world. Our behavior is a big part of it.

“For several years we were an unloved team because of this behavior on the field, and this obviously occurred to Cape Town.

“This is a tough battle for the fact that this team takes on the burden of what was before them. It will not be easy.

But Clark struck at Whateley, calling it "the heading chasing a coward" in a statement with a strong wording.

A recent report by the Center for Ethics commissioned by Cricket Australia (CA) after the Cape Town fraud scandal expressed concern about the command culture of victory without taking into account the cost and "normalizing verbal abuse in Australian men's cricket."

Langer, who recently met with Smith and Warner in Sydney, was tired of talking about the behavior of his side.

“I'm not sure what people want from us,” he said last week.

“We cannot confuse messages. On the one hand, we are too aggressive and probably crossed the line. Now we are called manual.

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