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The tragic truth behind viral dementia

You might want to take some fabrics before reading this.

The touching note the daughter wrote for her mom with dementia became viral, leaving people open about the tragic realities of loving a person with this disease, which causes debilitating memory loss.

The heartfelt “words of encouragement,” written with love on a blackboard, were recently published on Reddit.

The list included reminders for her elderly and forgetful mom, who told her: "Your meals are paid for," "You owe no money to anyone" and "You did not upset anyone."

The sign was then placed in a place that her embarrassed mother could see it whenever she struggled with her memory.

The gratifying note left by the daughter of a patient with dementia became viral.

The gratifying note left by the daughter of a patient with dementia became viral.

"A simple whiteboard left on the line of sight in her living room helped reduce the constant alarm calls," the report said.

It didn't take long for comments when people called it "sweet" and "heartbreaking."

Basically, this caused confusion among those who saw their loved ones living with dementia — a general term that describes a group of symptoms associated with impaired memory.

“Working with many patients with dementia, I saw the constant anxiety that some of them are experiencing, and I would not want this from my worst enemy,” wrote one of the users.

“It reminds me of my great-grandmother, who suffers from dementia. It's hard not to cry, but I try my best not to do this, ”someone replied.

Another said: "It happens near the house … During the last few years of my father's life, we will have such conversations as he, where he will worry about these things."

Although it is not known who shared this image, it looks like this is another person caring for an elderly woman.

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Warming “words of encouragement” have become viral, they are praised by people working in the health sector for being honest in the harsh realities of life with this disease.

According to Dementia Australia, this condition is the second leading cause of death for Australians.

The organization estimates that in 2018, 436,366 Australians live with dementia and need care from 1.5 million people.

Earlier this month it was reported that the hormone released during exercise can protect the brain from Alzheimer's disease.

A complete list of thoughtful messages for her mom with dementia is here:

– your meals are paid

– Are you okay

– You do not move

– nobody moves anymore

– Keep drinking, it will help your memory

– You owe no one money

– You didn't upset anyone

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