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Second test live results, updates, videos, day 1

Australia will hope to finish the summer at the peak of the final test against Sri Lanka in Canberra.

Tim Payne and Co got rid of visitors without any problems for three days in Brisbane, since the club’s bowlers began to rebel, but the batsmen are still under pressure even after a convincing victory.

This summer, not one Australian has scored a century, and the traditional flat wicket at Manuka Oval will provide one last chance for redemption for the misfire of the top and middle order that will fight for Ash's places later this year.

The start of the game is scheduled for 10:30 local time.

Payne is shocked by the change in fate

Tim Payne won only his second throw in nine crucial matches and chose a bat.

The Australian captain on the draw was terrible since he took the captain from Steve Smith, and this time he went the other way, tossing a coin with his left hand.

“I can't (believe it), I'm in shock,” said Payne.

Speaking on radio 2 GB yesterday with Alan Jones, the owner of the gate responded to the broadcaster's carefree nudging about his “terrible” efforts with the coin.

“Oh God. It was devilish,” said Payne. “It’s hard to win test matches, when you lost, I found out too.”

The Sri Lankan coach was dismissed as a selector this week, and the tourists were forced to announce a completely new tempo attack in Canberra.

Dushant Hameer and Lahir Kumaru were expelled due to injury, and Suranga Lakmal was late for a scratch with a back problem. This means that the new high-speed bowling boats combine five tests between them when Karunatne enters his debut.

Australia enters the match with the same XI as in Brisbane.

Varn claps Havaja, Fleming's sled

Usman Khawaja was terribly out of shape.

Usman Khawaja was terribly out of shape.A source:Getty images

Shane Warne aimed at Usman Hawaj, saying that he would have left the left-hander for the final test against Sri Lanka.

This summer, Khawaja scored just half a century (72 against India in Perth) and failed when the fighting squad minus Steve Smith and David Warner were desperate for his shooting.

“I’d quit Usman Khawaj because he needs a back kick,” wrote Warne in a column for the Herald Sun.

"Khawaji had one really good inning in Perth, where he fought, but he too easily gives up his wicket, and his performances were very ordinary."

Poor batting performance on the side means that Australians are on the verge of a whole summer in three or more tests without a master of the century, for the first time in more than 130 years.

The former fast Australian Damien Fleming joked that Nathan Lyon seemed to be the most likely batsman to hit triple.

“At this stage, I would take Nathan Lion,” said Fleming. SEN Breakfast when asked who, in his opinion, has a better chance of gaining a ton.

“Can we just get someone to make a hundred?” For the summer there were not hundreds.

“I think (Marcus) that Harris was most likely the only one, wouldn’t … I wouldn’t mind if the young player got it, and then when Warner and Smith return, guys like Harris, (Marnus ) Labushan, who looked very good in the last two innings, definitely plays these ashes.

"It doesn't really bother me, I just wanted to see two or three of them against the Sri Lankans in this test match."

Golden boy is preparing for another insult

Pat Cummins did not play Gabbe.

Pat Cummins did not play Gabbe.A source:Aap

Despite the fact that in Brisbane, the best figures in the career were shot, Pat Cummins still will not take the new ball from the sharp part of Mitchell Stark's head.

Stark was heavily criticized for misfiring this summer, and he was far from the best opponent in Gabbe. At the same time, Cummins tore up visitors with four wickets at the first opportunity and six at the second to finish with 10/62 match numbers.

He was missed for new ballroom duties in Brisbane, when debutant Ji Richardson opened bowling with Starck, and most likely it will be in Canberra, despite the superhuman efforts of the golden boy of Australian cricket.

Richardson shook his head brilliantly, hitting good zones and throwing the ball away from right-handed, so he deserves to open up again. But, despite the troubles of Stark, coach Justin Langer hinted that he would get another opportunity to prove himself with the newcomer Kookaburra.

“When he shakes a ball, he is just as dangerous as any other person in the world,” Langer told SEN Radio yesterday.

“Yesterday he played perfectly on the net, and I hope he is just around the corner, having a real impact on one of these test matches.

“(Cummins) did a great job by bowling the first substitution for us.

“It's always nice when Starcy makes the ball swing. We have seen that during the India series, if he bounces the ball to right-handers … it can be very dangerous.

“Jhye Richardson is also hitting the ball and did a fine job with the new ball in Brisbane. So we will wait and see.

“I would be surprised if we actually changed this combination.

"We will certainly support Mitchell Stark and G Richardson to do this work."

However, Cummins normally spends time saying earlier this week that he is “happy to wait a few overs” before striking the crease. However, Shane Warne does not share this view.

In the column for the Herald Sun, the king of spins said that Cummins should "always get a new ball" and took a crack at Starc, which, he said, would miss the starting berth of Ashes and should have been dropped in Canberra.

“It's time for Australia to start setting the tone with a new ball, and not to shoot Mitchell Stark after two overs,” writes Warne.

“Stark's form is getting worse and worse. Over the past 12 months, I mentioned the fact that his numbers were very ordinary, especially with regard to the six best batsmen. ”

Langer’s comments sounded like former captain Ricky Ponting said that if Stark did not take the new ball, he would most likely not be allowed to do so.

“I think that if he ever gets on the stage where Mitchell Stark doesn’t take the new ball, I don’t think he will be on the team,” Ponting said live on BKT Tires on Facebook.

“Because he is most effective with the new ball when he is at his best. So they have some decisions to make there. "

Historic low looms are great for Australians

Tim Payne acknowledges that Australia’s desire to win a test century is a mental battle, as it fights to avoid summer lows unseen in 130 years.

This summer, Australia still has a century to go, and he will go to the final test in Canberra against Sri Lanka, where he will play his last five days before the Ashes series this year.

Australia has not gone through three or more summer tests without typing a single century from 1882 to 1883, prompting Matthew Hayden to announce this week that none of the players with this summer’s bat can be trapped in ash.

“In each team it becomes (mental thing). Batting and winning hundreds become more mental than technical, ”said Payne on Thursday.

“The longer you do without it, the more you want it and the more you try.

"But at the same time, these guys should focus on what they know are working, and they should be disciplined enough to do it long enough."

Batting Australia has become more than just an individual problem. The team has yet to score more than 330 points in any of the first five summer inspections, the level of which did not correspond from 1887 to 1888.

For context, Australia won only 21 of the 60 tests in this century, when it failed to score more than 330 runs in any of the innings, compared with 108 of 157 with a total number of teams above this mark.

The shortage of hundreds also led them to struggle to gain momentum with the bat, having only two centuries of partnership this summer.

The team has never completed a home season of three or more tests without at least three three-digit races.

Canberra will present opportunities, although on a good wadding gate and bowlers of Sri Lanka, struggling with wounds.

“All the guys started all summer, they showed that they can score at this level,” said Payne.

“But it’s just the ability to be ruthless and to be disciplined not only for two or three hours, but disciplined and ruthless for a day or two days.

"We work very hard on this from a mental and technical point of view, and sometimes you just need this to break through the wall of the dam."

Scott Bailey, AAP

Last Hurray without Smith, Warner

Tim Payne took on a heavy burden in the absence of Smith and Warner.

Tim Payne took on a heavy burden in the absence of Smith and Warner.A source:Getty images

Life in the Test cricket without David Warner and Steve Smith completed his last chapter for Australia in Canberra, where a banned duo can play for free in the next country's football match.

While Australia will still be without a pair hanging up to the end of March in one-day cricket, Smith and Warner will return in four months, when the Australians next time will play a test after the series from Sri Lanka against England in Edgbaston on 1 August.

This will help to complete one of the toughest periods in Australian cricket, when the test team won two of eight matches, as they were suspended after a fake ball saga in Cape Town.

Such is their importance to the Australian side, Smith is still ranked No. 4 in the ICC world batting ranking and No. 6 Warner.

Usman Khawaja – the next best Australian, at number 16.

But for Australia this was not bad news: Tim Payne became an extremely capable leader in a difficult situation, and seven players got debuts.

“We did not have the victories that we would like to get, and sometimes it’s easy to look at the cons, the losses, the lack of hundreds, and so on,” said Payne. "But I think that at the end of the day, when we sit out and take this summer and plan to move forward, we found really good cricketers."

“Jhye Richardson, Marnus (Labuschagne), Travis (Head), Marcus Harris, a few guys passing through.

“When you add some experienced players back to this, a really good cricket period will come for our team.”

Canberra's Test also provides Australia with the opportunity to win its first multiplayer series in any format, starting with the unauthorized intervention saga, even with a draw enough against Sri Lanka.

It is also crucial for batsmen trying to push their Ash cause, since the six current players must fit in four places after the return of Warner and Smith.

“We want to win the series, we have not yet won the series, and in the future we want to start picking up steam,” said Payne. “Having some guys who are around this band, and if we do this, our band will not change anything.”

Scott Bailey, AAP

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