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Queensland police can not move the bodies of the dead pair of Rockhampton

Police from all over Queensland went down to Rockhampton to find out how the couple were brutally left dead in the bedroom of their country house on Monday evening.

Investigations into the death of a man and a woman continue almost two days after the police broke into Frenchville's house after a fierce call with a triple zero, made immediately after 21:30.

A Queensland police spokesman confirmed that forensic investigators were still searching Frenchville’s property this morning, when detective killers were driving from Brisbane to join the investigation, news.com.au reported.

The police cordoned off the house late Monday night after the terrible discovery that Detective Senior Sergeant Luke Peachy called "significant."

“The forensic medical examination worked all night, and we still could not remove the bodies from this scene, so obviously this is quite a serious investigation that we are conducting at the moment,” Senior Sergeant Luke Peachy told reporters yesterday.

A QPS spokesperson later told news.com.au that this is “not a very good discovery” for emergency services.

After Mr. Peachy’s remarks, the undertaker was called to the house to remove the bodies.

The police could not confirm the connection between the two found and said that they are working to notify the family.

“No positive identification was made,” he said.

"We have suspicions, but until we can establish a positive identification to be fair to the family, we will no longer disclose the information."

Detectives also collect information from neighbors and witnesses on a normally quiet street in the suburbs.

“At this stage, we only briefly talked with the neighbors … I do not want to argue about what they have heard or what they may have heard so far,” said Mr. Peachy.

These two deaths are considered suspicious, but the police said they had yet to arrest someone.

The police did not disclose the cause of death and would not tell if a firearm was involved.

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