Monday , January 25 2021

Polar bears placed in a sexual position

Festive display of the UK shopping center has become viral for all the wrong reasons.

The cute decorations, which were recently installed at the Tynwald Mills Mall on the Isle of Man in the UK, featured a winter scene complete with polar bears and snowy Christmas trees.

But customers quickly noticed that two of the animals were placed in a very compromising position, giving the family center a scrolling rating of X.

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On Monday, shopper Ruth Hogg clicked on a few photos of the display on his phone before sharing them on Twitter.

Her post quickly became a virus, attracting a surplus of similar, stocks and comments from funny users of social networks.

“I went to Tinwald Mills today and was rather surprised, but I was concerned about their placement of my Xmas polar bears,” reads Mrs. Hogg's inscription accompanying the photo.

Others claimed that the bears seemed to "do it with cancer."

"It seems that they had sex – not a question about it," said another user in social networks.

Others quickly cracked jokes and made insinuations at the expense of the center, and one user from Facebook claimed that it was an example of “creative marketing” (“Pro”), and another said, “The one who did it deserves Christmas (e) us and big fat raise! "

Others praised the "humorous" show – and even asked the center to leave it in such a way that it could continue to give customers a "laugh."

“If someone is offended, they need to get a life. That must have made me laugh, ”said one client on Facebook, and another wrote,“ Damn, it was especially useful. Someone starts a petition. ”

Others noted that this is a brilliant move and called into question whether the whole incident was a “smart PR trick” designed to arouse interest.

“The best … viral marketing campaign EVER,” wrote one Facebook user, and another claimed that the inconvenient failure “definitely got an advertisement.”

After the display became a virus, the mall went to Facebook to make an official, carefree apology to customers.

“We would like to thank our customers for having traveled a little Christmas this year along with our polar bears in the atrium and can reassure you that the display has changed somewhat since installation.

I apologize to someone offended by our somewhat interactive display. "#naughtybear" #nightattheshoppingcentre "said in a statement.

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