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Penalties managers: byres

But while the bank pays fewer commissions Rob Johanson is not immediately stamped out of stamping trail commissions alltogether.

Paying a loan to a banker.

Here’s Mr Johanson’s exchange with counsel assisting Rowena Orr:

Ms Orr: "The people you are dealing with are not remunerated on a commission basis?"

Mr Johanson: "Yes."

Ms Orr: "On the commission basis?"

Mr. Johanson: "But I think that I can tell you what to say." The objectives of the objectives of the organization. , that shows how difficult it is.

"So I think of an upfront commission, even a volume-based commission, if it's properly disclosed It is a question that I’m working for a loan. that addresses a lot of those issues. "

This led to Commissioner Kenneth Hayne Asking: "Who do you think they work for?"

Mr Johanson: "I'm clear, they work for the customer."

If you’re thinking about it, I’ve described it. ”

Ms Orr: "Is that a reason to keep trail commissions?"

Mr Johanson: "If it was a very bad result."

Ms Orr: "Why would a commission commission?"

Mr Johanson: "I’m a little bit different."

Ms Orr then asked: "Well, what gets you a customer commission?"

I think you can’t even be there, you can’t even be there. If you’re a lawyer, you’ll be able to pay for it.

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