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New tattoo Ariana Grande does not mean that she thought

Ariana Grande
[Screenshot via YouTube]

Getting a tattoo can sometimes be a hit or a slip. Especially if someone wants to paint his body with words in another language. Unfortunately, our favorite Ariana Grande just got into this tattoo trap.

Because the singer received a new kanji palm tattoo to celebrate her latest hit single, 7 Rings. But the Japanese characters in fresh ink do not actually define the name of the melody, as expected. Instead, as reported by Kotak and others, the new Grande tattoo actually says something like "B-B-Q grill, ”Ariana said on Twitter.

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“Ariana Grande’s new tattoo means Japanese 輪’ means a Japanese-style barbecue grill, not 7 rings, ”said Twitter user @hey__amo on Tuesday. And it seems that the clarification on the translation attracted the attention of the artist, since Grande obviously sent out a tweet in response.

However, after removing – along with a photo of the tattoo on Instagram – the singer paid no attention to the ink on the Internet. In fact, according to Ariana, she will be more than ready to get a tattoo in the future, according to The Fader.

“Actually, I missed the“ つ の 指 ”that was supposed to be between. it hurts like fuck, still looks tight. I would not have lasted another character. but this place also clears a ton and will not last long, so if I miss it enough, I will suffer from it all next time. ”

It looks like the superstar's refreshing response, “Thank you, next.” Have you ever experienced a tattoo mistake like Ariana Grande? Turn off the sound below in the comments section, with some of your tattoo stories.

thanks next expected February 8th. Relive the "God – woman" below.

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