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New Species of Dinosaur Were Identified in Japan

Scientists in Japan have identified a new species of dinosaur. Scientists have also found the largest (26 ft tall) skeleton of dinosaurs of this species in Japan. After analyzing about 7.2 million years old bones, the team of scientists have come to the conclusion that the skeletons belong to a new species.

Scientists at Hokkaido University have named this species Hydrosuarid dinosaurs. This vegetarian organism was found on Earth in the last years of the Cretaceous period. First a small portion of the tail of this creature was found in northern Japan in 2013, when it was later excavated. In this excavation, the entire skeleton of the dinosaur came out.

Scientists believe that this dinosaur was an adult about nine years old and can weigh between 4 tonnes and 5.3 tonnes. The weight of the dinosaur would depend on whether he walked with two legs or four legs. The full details of this new discovery have been published in a journal called ‘Scientific Reports’.

Would have liked to live on the beach, The head of the team of scientists, Yositsugu Kobayashi, told that once a different world of this species existed in Japan and East Asia. This species of dinosaur probably lived in coastal areas, which was a rare habitat at that time.

Its fossils can also provide good information about the atmosphere at that time. This discovery also suggests that dinosaurs preferred to build habitat around the sea.

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