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New play by Kate Blanchett "When we tortured each other enough"

When the London National Theater announced that it was putting on an 18th-century Samuel Richardson scandalous novel “Pamela”, and that she was going to play the star Cate Blanchett in her debut on the British stage, the excitement heightened.

A game, When we tortured each other enoughgot so much interest in tickets that the National Theater sold the seats with the help of a ballot, while applicants entered their lottery name to get a chance to see Blanchett on the stage opposite Stephen Dillan (Game of Thrones’Stannis Baratheon).

The entire six-week run-through of the performance is sold out, and from 5 am on a cold, bitter London morning, they line up in a queue of hope to pick up the meager tickets available due to the cancellation of the show for each day.

Organs and Strapon Dildo

Very little was known about the subject of the play, until its premiere took place in preview on January 16th. The first reactions were shocking: stories about four-person orgies on stage, graphic sexual abuse and one particularly memorable scene in which the character Blanchett ties the dildo to sex with Dillane, who plays her partner in the play.

In an early presentation, the woman fainted and an ambulance was called. Other evenings saw massive strikes. On the premiere, the performance received ovations from only one viewer: Uma Thurman.


Michael, 33, came from Manchester to London to watch the play. Despite the fact that he was sitting in front of the auditorium, he estimates that about six or seven people left the theater at different points throughout the performance, mostly about half the way (he works for two hours without a break).

“From the very beginning, the performance is difficult to watch, so I can only assume that it was an accumulation of factors that caused people to leave early,” said Michael.

At the beginning of the performance, the character Blanchett intentionally cut himself, “leaving her in blood,” said Michael. Below are a few graphic intercourse between actors, including the infamous dildo scene in which Dillane is "dressed in a wig, stockings and blonde suspenders."

“This is definitely not for those who have a delicate nature,” he said.


“Get ready. Do not think that you will see the version of Cate Blanchett you know from her films, ”said Michael. “This is a completely new Kate, which I did not expect, and it took me some time to adapt to her. However, in my opinion, I thought it was brilliant, complex and thought-provoking production. ”

21-year-old Liam also praises Dillan and Blanchett. Despite this, Liam's first response, when the curtain fell, was "admittedly mostly disappointed."

“I really didn’t know what to do about it, and I wasn’t completely sure if I understood all this,” he said. “I also felt a little embarrassed and stunned, but I really wonder if such an answer is what actors and writers aspire to.”

For Liam, the ultra-brutal, outspoken, and ominous play is less “difficult to watch,” more “disturbing,” and, in turn, makes you wonder.

“I think that part of what makes the play so disturbing is how appropriate it is to pose for darker issues related to gender roles and authority,” he said.

"The scene of torture, bloody violence and manipulation underscores this."

If the plot is connected, Liam added, this is due to "a big, bold step with her debut," Blanchett, and the fact that she "shows excellent results, despite the fact that the play is ridiculously complex."


Alex, 18, was one of many who queued up for tickets on the day of the show, waking up at 4 am to get in line at 5:30 in the morning. Passionate about theater, he felt that the play was "not clear enough."

“For a play with the word“ torture ”in (title) you expect much more violent and unnerving scenes, but they are simply not enough,” he said. “If you want to explore this topic in this way, then you must be super-extreme or not worry. It was hesitant.

"For people who have not had much experience in the theater, it can be very difficult for two hours, but for many fans of the theater it will be boring and, unfortunately, disappointing two hours."

Alex was in the audience when the woman fainted in the first round, and he saw "all the chaos of people jumping out of their seats and in front of the house, rushing around to come to her rescue."

A few minutes after she fainted, Alex said that she was "lifted from her place and taken away." But he does not believe that she fainted because of the subject matter of the play.

“It seems suspicious, since the game is not really that shocking,” he said. “I believe that“ The National Theater ”(Theater) is flourishing.”

Will he recommend an early start and a long queue to guarantee a place on the show?

“Do you want to see Cate Blanchett or do you want to see the challenging and slightly pretentious play of the theater?” He asked. "If your answer is last, then definitely go and stand in line at a dull hour … If you are there to see Cate Blanchett, do not worry, it will be a waste of sleep and 15 pounds ($ 27 A27) when you could go and see her at the door of the stage for free after her performance. ”

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