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New parking laws may cost you shortcomings.

When you return to your car, you never notice that you hit with a parking ticket, and now some drivers have more than just a fine to worry about.

In accordance with the new laws, NSW parking inspectors will be able to hand out missing points as well as fines to drivers who park illegally.

The new rules show that the inspectors managed to hook a maximum of two missing points over the penalty for a number of different violations of parking rules.

Leaving a stationary car at or near a children's junction, a pedestrian crossing, a marked pedestrian crossing or a bicycle crossing can cost you $ 337 and two missing points.

The punishment is the same for drivers who park at a junction, within a radius of 10 meters from a junction without a traffic light or within 20 meters from a junction with traffic lights.

Parking in the parking lot for people with disabilities without permission already comes with a fine of $ 561, and now you can also get another flaw.

By leaving your car at or near a level crossing, you will also receive a penalty amount and a $ 337 fine.

The ad did not go down well, and many people come to social networks to share their disappointments according to a new rule.

“This is ridiculous. The only person who has to deal with flaws is the police.

Fine. But the lack of a parking spot is pure garbage, ”one person wrote.

“Demerits were meant for bad behavior while driving, and then we will only get shortcomings for breathing,” said another.

Other people complained that in many places around Sydney it was not even possible to leave 20 meters from the intersection.

In accordance with 7 News, 675 NSW drivers were fined for parking too close to intersections, 4745 were fined for cars too close to intersections, and 3812 fines were issued for illegal use of disabled parking.

Bernard Karlon, from the NSW Road Safety Center, told that parking illegally posed a security problem for bugs.

“Illegal parking at or near crossings, in school areas or an intersection creates a risk to road safety by affecting the ability of other motorists to see pedestrians or cyclists approaching a point of intersection or crossing,” he said.

"It can also reduce the ability of these road users to cross the road safely."

Park inspectors could give out missing points for a while, but the grace period meant that they were able to give points at their discretion.

This period has already ended, and all drivers caught the parking illegally, risking getting caught with flaws and fines.

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