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Liberals "on the nose" when Guy warns about the destruction

The crushing defeat of the opposition exacerbated tensions in the administrative committee – a key decision-making body of the Liberals – with new calls for President Michael Kroger to resign.

This week, Greg Mirabella, member of the administrative committee, husband of former federal liberal deputies Sophie Mirabella, said by e-mail with his colleagues that the party needs a new team at the top to fight the federal election.

Mr. Mirabella listed the loss of votes in the blue ribbon Liberal places among his main problems.

“This means that not only our product stinks, it stinks to our own people,” he wrote. “We can understand why hip card voters in the eastern suburbs might have turned against us, but in Hawthorne and Brighton?” Our own people do not like us to vote for us. ”

Our own people do not like us enough to vote for us.

Guy Mirabella

In the next letter, Mr. Mirabella said that the party urgently needs a rebranding.

"You should value better than most of the fact that in politics, perception is reality, and perception is what Michael [Kroger] this is the public face of the party, and our party is almost completely on the nose. ”

In response to the request of Mr. Mirabella, the treasurer, by e-mail, David Monde attempted to transmit a proposal of no confidence in the party president and as chairman of the administrative committee.

Liberal Party President Michael Kroger on election night

Liberal Party President Michael Kroger on election night Credit:Aap

“Whatever personal differences may be around the table, we must be one voice in this matter,” said Mr. Mond. "I will say that for each of you this is the moment of truth."

However, it is clear that this proposal was not submitted to the committee.

One liberal source said that it was “a bit rich”, that Mirabella was talking about brand damage.

Last night, the coalition was on its way to victory with only 26 of the 88 seats in the lower house of parliament in Victoria. The clear possibility that Hawthorn-MP John Pesutto will lose his place, devastated the party, believing that he is being advertised as a possible candidate for leadership.

Higher liberal sources confirmed that former opposition leader Matthew Guy called on the administrative committee to avoid “lynching” Mr. Kroger and state director Nick Demiris, saying on Wednesday that the party should stick together.

Mr. Guy also understands that he praised the team for the campaign, including what he called an impressive advertising campaign, as well as one of the most successful volunteer performances and the “ground game” that the party has conducted in recent years.

But he was frank in describing what he saw as problems with the “liberal brand” and the general perception of the party’s electorate, which, he said, suffered from the instability of leadership in August and the discharge of Malcolm Turnbull.

He told members at the table that the party would soon “cease to exist” if it did not affect the problems in the liberal brand.

But Mr. Guy was “unsatisfactory,” according to an angry letter released on Thursday by the unfortunate Liberal candidate at Albert Park Andrew Bond.

In his campaign review, Mr. Bond said that it became “alarmingly obvious that Matthew Guy was not a choice” from phone calls with voters in the electorate.

“After several weeks of calls, I estimate that approximately one in ten people will respond without warning that they will never be able to vote for the Liberal Party, while Matthew Guy was the leader,” he said.

Mr Bond said that “numerous scandals” and Mr. Guy’s record as Minister of Planning are regularly mentioned by voters.


The crisis of the federal leadership was just “the last nail in the coffin,” Mr. Bond said after a poorly run campaign with poorly thought-out policies and messaging.

“Would we like to win if the federal command did not arise?” Probably not, just like everything that happened after the leader leads. ”

Mr. Bond said that the opposition lost because it lost its call for "our main group of supporters."

“This group is convenient, rich in assets, hiring professionals or retirees and small business owners.

"However, they are also non-religious, but not anti-religious, a bit concerned about the environment, but not green, and compassionate towards their fellows, but not the soldiers of social justice."

However, the bitterness in the federal parliament since then "ensured that right up to election day the idea that the Liberal Party was out of touch and dysfunctional was for many."

He warned that some of the participants who told him that they would vote for the liberal at the state level, made it clear that they would not vote for the liberal elections in the federal elections.

For the first time in my life, I do not vote

Feedback to Andrei Bond at the door lock

“The most frequently heard phrase in the last month, when you were doing the role of interrogation and standing on the preliminary survey, was:“ For the first time in my life I did not vote in Liberal. ”

The party faces a bloody meeting of its state assembly on Friday evening, when some members are considering the possibility of a movement without trust in key members of the Liberal leadership.

Earlier on Thursday, MP Polvart Richard Riordan expressed a sharp assessment of the loss during an ABC interview on Thursday, stating that the party needs to remove women's representation and consider introducing gender quotas.

“We need to expand our pool of candidates and, if necessary, have quotas to make it act, so be it,” said Mr. Riordan.

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