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Huge solar and battery projects proposed for South Australia

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Two new massive solar and battery storage projects were proposed for South Australia, which will keep new investments, which are likely to allow the state to produce 100% of its electricity needs using wind and sun in early 2025.

One of the new projects is a proposal worth $ 1.2 billion. A 500 MW solar photovoltaic system, followed by a 250 MW / 1000 MWh battery, disrupted the state planning process.

The application was submitted by Energy Projects Solar Pty Ltd consultants and is proposed for the site east of Robertstown, approximately 115 km northeast of Adelaide.

The same company also offers a 280 MW solar farm and storage for batteries close to Port Pirie, known as the Bungam solar project.

It says that the Robertstown Solar project to be funded is likely to be built in four steps, and the storage for the batteries will also be built in stages. Synchronous capacitors can also be installed if required by the network and the market operator.

The Robertstown Solar project is a competitor to another proposal in the Robertstown area, known as the Solar River project, which is designed for a 200 MW solar photovoltaic system and 120 MWh battery, and which can add another 200 MW of solar energy and 150 MWh for the second stage battery . ,

These two projects combine about a dozen proposals for solar energy and storage in the state, which are at different stages of construction and supply.

They include a solar project in Bungalow, which completed the first stage with a capacity of 120 MW and almost completed the second stage with a capacity of 120 MW, a solar project with a capacity of 110 MW in the Tilem bend has not yet been completed, and a solar project with a capacity of 280 MW in Kultan, proposed by the owner Whyalla Steel by Sanjiv Gupta and Simc Zen Energy,

South Australia has already reached more than 50% of wind and solar energy in its network, mainly due to strong wind (44%) and solar energy on the roof (7-8%).

This share grows as new projects appear. Gupta itself offers about 1 GW of solar power and storage in the state to help Weiella and other large energy consumers, and AEMO predicted that by 2026/27, it would be possible to build enough wind and sun energy to generate more than it consumed in the state.

AEMO and local network operator ElectraNet want to build a new NSW connector to facilitate power supply to South Australia and from other states.

It seems that Robertstown and Solar River projects were proposed with this in mind. The communication line, which is preferred by AEMO and ElectraNet, will begin near the substation Robertstown and lead to Wagga Wagga. Numerous other projects are offered for the other end of the line in and between New South Wales.

In South Australia, in addition to the proposed large storage volumes of batteries, about five different sites for hydropower facilities running on pumps are being considered, and SolarReserve is still working on a proposal for storing a solar tower and molten salt near the port of Augusta.

Roberttown's solar project is proposed for cultivation and grazing land. Calls to developers and project consultants for more information were not returned. Roberttown was planning to complete his project within 6 years after approval, while Solar River plans to begin construction this year and complete it in two years.

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