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How to lose weight: mom attributes squats to turn ass

When celebrities share images of their tinted bodies and backs, they are often beaten for having money and a whole army of people who help them.

But this two-mother proved that with a few hundred squats a week, with dedication and patience, this can be done without breaking the budget.

Julia Meadows will find any chance to get into her daily quota for squats, whether waiting for a kettle to boil, brushing your teeth or talking on the phone with friends.

“I try to compress at least 100 squats a day, even if it means that while I hang dishes or wait until my cocktail mixes, I will do a few squats,” she told

"I strive to do about 20 each time until I reach 100 in a day – it is of great importance."

After she shared a photo of her very backward online mom on the forum, she was inundated with messages from other moms about what her “secret” was.

"People ask me what I'm doing in particular, and, frankly, it all comes down to my booty resistance group – before I start doing home workouts, I tie them around my hips and use them to activate my buttocks."

But the presence of a solid back and a toned body was not always the case for Miss Meadows.

A 34-year-old girl from Pakenham in Victoria suffered from depression after she and her husband broke up in 2016.

She would seek solace in junk food and often lay on the sofa, devouring takeaway food and sweets.

On really bad days, she replaced her lunches with two servings of ice cream, and while some people might consider her 66 kg as “not even so bad,” Ms. Meadows was extremely unhealthy and knew that if she didn't make a difference, may lead to serious health problems.

“I needed to understand that the scales do not always tell the truth, and now I’d better go to my progress pictures to think about my achievements,” she said.

After giving birth to her second daughter three years ago, Ms. Meadows was fully responsible for her actions and decided that she wanted to become a healthy role model for her children, and also regained her happiness and confidence.

“My days can be tough and tedious, because I'm a single mom, but life is generally hard for everyone, but I know that I feel much better watching my healthy diet, and after I did an excellent workout and it leaves me more energetic to solve life problems, ”she said.

Ms. Meadows said that since she joined Healthy Mother, a parenting site designed exclusively for moms, she lost 12 kg in 12 months after a 28-day weight loss contest, and drank one – two smoothies for healthy moms a day.

“I really noticed a change in my body after four weeks of training,” she said.

She admitted that the main thing with which she struggled was the size of portions and overeating.

“I did not understand how much I actually ate. I have never been a good cook and have no passion for this, but these recipes really helped me understand portion sizes and were really quick and easy to prepare, ”she said.

Miss Meadows also fulfilled one of her life goals – she ran two half marathon.

She said that it was important to set short-term goals in order to stay motivated, whether playing with children for 30 minutes on the street or banning wine for two weeks.

“I also have a motivational board with photos of myself before and after,” said Ms. Meadows. “It always reminds me of where and why I started, which I think helps a lot.”

A mother of two practices six times a week at home, which also includes an awakening at 5:30 am to work out at her local F45 gym before work.

“I am definitely more energetic, happy and confident in myself – now I am always with children, I go to the park and not just sit there on my phone, but actually play with them”

Her advice to other moms hoping to lose a baby’s tummy?

“Set yourself short-term goals so you don't feel overwhelmed.”

Healthy Mummy, which has half a million subscribers, decided to launch an app for health and fitness.

Its founder and former sales director of ACP Magazines, Ryan Allen, said that he is targeting busy, tired mothers who would like to stay in shape or lose those extra pounds.

It includes a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a meal planner and a motivational trainer, and from today is available for iOS and Android.

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