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Games Done Quickly "Infinitely" Undressed with spinometers over sexist and transphobic comments

Yesterday, a thread came across on Twitter, full of conversations between a handful of high-speed observers. It is said that this is a screenshot from a private discord, these conversations included derogatory comments about women, as well as transphobia and anti-Semitism.

After some initial hesitation, the charity organization Speedrun Games Done Quick said last night that these streamers will no longer represent them at events.

Twitter, published by a speedrunner named Andrea, contained screenshots of the conversations, which mainly involved two speed mates, R. White Goose, who chronicled the acceleration history on his YouTube channel and made accelerated games, such as Super Mario 64 and Golden eyeand graviton, which plays games such as Doom 64, Goldeneye, and Pilots 64,

Graviton was supposed to play Doom 64 on the upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, which will be held in January.

“I think I could ban tbh women from my contention,” said R. White Goose in one of the screenshots, complaining that they dominated the chat and singled out who said “fucked 70 guys” that he found “ disgusting. " "

“The worst part is not even transfers,” said Graviton in another screenshot. “It’s like the fear of all women who are actually normal — you like drawing on a pic. Looking at an apple or a man’s hand or a chin.”

In the other screenshots, the two, together with several other people, discussed everything from Jordan Peterson to the role of women in society (of course, care) to the “Jewish question”, referring to the rhetoric used by the Nazis in the early 1900s.

Initially, GDQ decided not to take action against accelerators, stating that it could not verify the authenticity of the conversations.

“To be clear: the statements made in the reports are unacceptable,” says message from the official Twitter account GDQ posted last night.

“They meet our criteria for action. But we cannot confirm that the statements were made or who made them, due to the particular nature of where they allegedly took place. ”

This was not very pleasant to Andrea, who believed that she provided sufficient evidence, both in the form of screenshots of Discord, and in the additional information that she told Kotaku around DM soon after. “I have Discord IDs from all the messages,” she said, “and they can use them in a report with Discord. I also sent active images from all channels and through user lists and names. ”

Some members of the GDQ community did not take long to oppose the GDQ decision.

"As for your notice of the invalidity of this evidence, I, as a long time [sic] and the donor is absolutely disappointed, "one community member said gdq on twitter, “The game is already a box for newbies, women and LGBT people. You prefer to do nothing, only reinforcing this behavior as acceptable. Smh ".

"Extremely disappointed that Games Done Quick does not feel that this requires a serious investigation," said another“You cannot demand to help children, at the same time observing masochists, transphobia and straightforward Nazism.”

A few hours later, GDQ reversed its decision.

“After receiving more information about the situation that was brought to our attention today, we were able to confirm the authenticity of the screenshots we received”, the organization said“Thus, the people in question will not represent us under any GDQ events for an indefinite period.”

However, he did not specify who the people in question were. GDQ did not respond to a comment request.

R. White Goose confirmed Kotaku last night that he will not be able to participate in future events of GDQ, although it is worth noting that he has been leading for some time and has not worked in GDQ since 2014

“I fully understand the GDQ solution,” he said in the DM. “These screenshots show conversations that contain harmful concepts, ideas and conspiracy theories, which I have come to completely and completely reject. What I have said in the past is unfounded and unforgivable. I fully understand why people suffer and get angry, and the reaction to my comments is absolutely justified. ”

Kotaku He also turned to Graviton, but since the publication, he has not yet answered. However, he responded to the recent turn of events on Twitter. “When your wrong approach makes you more followers than your escape into GDQ,” said,

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